Monday, October 1, 2012

Momentum Monday: Half Marathon Training

Did I just say half marathon training?  As in training to run a half marathon?  Yes. I. Did.  I announced last week via this post that I am registered for the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World on Sunday February 24th.  Aaaahhhhh!!!! Sorry, just had to scream a little bit, still really nervous and VERY excited about this race!

I kinda feel like the phrase "half marathon" should be treated like the word of the day on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.  Remember that show?  Totally silly and had Laurence Fishburn in a cowboy outfit.  Bizarre.

Anyway, they had a word of the day and when anyone said the word of the day everyone was supposed to scream.  I think the phrase "half marathon" should be treated the same way and whenever someone says it we have to scream or squeal.  Sound good?  You with me?  I see you shaking your head no.  Well, you're no fun!

This week kicks off my first week of training for the half marathon.  AAAAHHHHH!!!  I wanted to see if you were paying attention.  HA! For the training, I've teamed up with another blogger Liz who writes Feet Dominating Pavement.  Go over to her blog and read along, she's filled with positivity and a love for running!  So we've decided to work together on our training and to check in with each other to keep ourselves accountable.  I'll be blogging about my training over the next few months leading up to the race and documenting on Twitter as well.  If you haven't found me on Twitter yet, go to the sidebar and scroll down to the bottom where it has my Twitter feed and follow me!

So needless to say, my posts will be more training focused and discussing ways to improve as they come up.

So with my new goal at hand it's time for my Momentum Monday mantra:

I run because I choose to run.  I make healthy food choices because I want to nourish my body.  I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  Though I know that with every day and with every decision I make, I am getting in better shape, better health and becoming a better person because of it. 

This is the beginning of the journey, let's get better together!

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