Runner Terms

Below I have listed some terms you may read in articles, blogs and books that I've consolidated for your reference.  Lots of terms are shortened or made into acronyms, so I found it useful to know these terms so I didn't sound like a total idiot while talking to other seasoned runners.  I know there are tons more, but these are the most frequently used that I've come across.  Let me know if there are others that should be added!

LSD – long, slow distance/ long steady distance
LR – Long Run
PR – Personal Record
PB – Personal Best
AG – Age Group
MP – Marathon Pace
FF – Fast Finish
GMP – Goal Marathon Pace
BQ – Boston Qualify
C25K – Couch to 5K program
MHR – Maximum Heart Rate
RHR – Resting Heart Rate
HRM – Heart Rate Monitor
CR – Course Record
USATF – USA Track and Field
DFL – Dead %$#! Last
DNS – Did Not Start
DNF – Did Not Finish
MPM – Minutes Per Mile
TM – Treadmill
SFX – Stress Fracture
EIA – Exercise Induced Asthma
ROM – Range of Motion
ITBS – Illotibial Band Syndrome, Common overuse running knee injury
MPW – Miles Per Week
GA – General Aerobic
Fartlek “speed play” – burst of speed during your workout. No set distance or speed
          rules, should be informal in nature.
Hill repeats – Runs up a hill at a fast pace to build strength
RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate
Runner’s Trots – Gastrointestinal problems on the run
Stitch – Side cramp, usually on the right side
Bonk – Run out of energy, or “hit the wall”
Kick – “finishing kick”, running harder at the finish line, final sprint
Foot Strike – How your foot initially hits the ground as you run. (Heel, midfoot,
Pronation – inward roll of the foot during running stride
Overpronation – Foot rolls inside too far during running stride
Supination – Outward roll of the foot during running stride
Splits – Your time in a race/workout at measured intervals
Negative Splits – running the second half of the race faster than the first half
Positive Splits – Running the first half of the race faster than the second half
Taper – Runner cutting back on mileage before a big race or marathon
Elite – Super fast runners who usually finish before your wave starts in the race 
          They usually don’t pay for their shoes because they get them sponsored
Chip – or “timing chip” is an item strapped to your shoe that measures finishing 
          time when you cross the  finish line mat
Bib – Is your race number; should be worn on the front of your shirt or shorts
Chute – Roped off area after the finish of a race where officials can tear off part of a 
          bib or order the runners as they finish
Corrals – Divides participants based on their past performance or expected 
          finishing time
Waves – Staggered start when different corrals depart at different times 
          to accommodate participants within limited race course confines.
Road Kill – Runner who has been passed by a faster runner during a race. 
          (Who hasn’t been?)
Ghost Runner – Someone who is on your heels and about to pass you, can be a 
          pace motivator
Sub – To run under indicated time amount (sub-20 5K = running a 5K under 
          20 minutes)
Fuel Belt – Belt you wear around your waist that has holders for bottles of fluids 
          and fuel
Singlet – Light weight tank top like jersey worn by runners
Toebox – Front portion of a shoe’s upper where the toes are placed

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