Monday, March 31, 2014

Momentum Monday: The C word

I have been missing from here for a while. I'm sorry, there is no excuse other than I have an infant and I have recently gone back to work. Not really a viable excuse some would say, but hey, that is my new reality and it is taking some adjustment. I'm hoping now that we're getting into the swing of things that I will be able to be back on here a bit more and gasp(!)...finally get back into training. My lower back/glutes have been giving me lots of trouble lately. I think the combination of my hips moving back after birth and the different ways I stand when I hold the baby has thrown my hip alignment off creating pain when I sit/stand/walk/lay down. So I have an appointment for an adjustment today and I hope that will help with the pain so that I can get back into running.

Oh yeah, running...kinda what I talk most about here, right? I'm missing it more and more with each passing week, especially now that the weather is getting so nice around here, I just want to lace up my shoes and get out there. I just know that if I did that right now I would be hobbling home after about two blocks because I would have a cramp in my ass. Sexy, right?

On top of adjusting to my new normal, I've had a rough couple of weeks and my main motivation for today's Momentum Monday quote, but I'll get to that in a moment.