Thursday, October 4, 2012

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

It's Thursday and this day could not get here quick enough!  It is technically my Friday today.  I work a 9/80 work schedule where during a two week period I work 9 - nine hour days and that 10th day (Friday) I get a day off.  So essentially it allows me to have a three day weekend every other week, pretty nice and helps give my brain a little extra rest!

Today is "The Jam" Thursday where I feature songs that get my booty bumping and my legs pumping.  So with today being my "Friday" and also being "The Jam" Thursday, I figured I would put something on that is a bit of fun.  This song was a bit of a club hit for those of you that love to dance and is a good song to have about mid/late-run when you feel your energy starting to wain.  This is a good beat to get you going and moving along.  So today's "Jam" is:

It's a song that I can run to and dance to, so it's always funny watching me when this song comes on my iPod.  I'm running and moving my shoulders and pumping my arms to the song, sometimes singing along!  It's just fun and gets me re-energized!  Take a listen and groove along with me!

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