Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever have race remorse?

I am having race remorse and envy right now.  Ever have that?  I'll read race recaps on people's blogs and dream about possibly running that race in the future.  But that's different from what I'm experiencing right now.

I ran the Dawg Dash 10K this past Sunday and had a decent experience.  I had wanted to run this race because it was located around the campus of my alma mater (GO HUSKIES!) and had been a fairly touted race.  It also took the spot of my race quota for October.

However there were rumblings through local running bloggers about a brand new race that was having its inaugural race on October 28th.  The Snohomish River Run has both 10K and half marathon distances.  There were even some discount codes that were floating around for $10 off the entry fee. 

However when I looked at the dates and realized that it was the week after the Dawg Dash, I decided that I couldn't do two 10K's in one week.  I didn't want to put too much stress on my body if I wasn't physically prepared for it at that time.  So I made the decision to run the Dawg Dash instead of the Snohomish River Run, mostly because I'd had the Dawg Dash on my "to run" list for this year and I really was excited about it.

Well I guess it really does seem like the grass is greener on the other side.  With my disappointments about this weekend and my increasing admiration for race bling, I am really wishing that I had signed up for the Snohomish River Run instead.  Not only do they have a better website for their race (trite I know, but I'm a visual person), seemingly better offerings to their runners (including fuel being provided on course), but they are also giving their runners tech tees (better than cotton for running later) AND finisher medals. 

Le sigh...

Dawg Dash = no medal, Snohomish River Run = finisher medal.  The race entries were also the same price to boot!  So it's not as if one was a screaming better deal than the other (though with the discount code that was available, the SRR was cheaper than the DD).

I guess if things had been the other way around and I had signed up for the SRR instead of the DD, I might have wondered if I was missing out on something by not running the DD.  Or maybe still have that want to run the DD because it was on my list of races "to run".

Regardless, I am sitting here thinking about a race that I can't run in (it's at capacity) and am jealous of all the people that get to run in this inaugural race.  Funny how things have changed, even over the course of one year, I'm sad that I can't race this weekend and actually jealous of other people that are in that race. 

Huh?  Who am I?

Apparently...I'm a runner.  Who would have thought?


  1. I know how u feel! I love the bling! For me, it's running races on Saturday's. I can't do it with my work schedule. It stinks! You ARE a runner :)

    1. Thanks Kimmie! I appreciate that! The bling is so enticing!!

  2. Every time there is a big race weekend with lots of recaps and excitement surrounding it, I often wonder if I should have registered. But the thing is, there are so many races and there is just no way to physically and financially do them all.

    That being said, I've done a number of pricey last minute sign ups too. is there a race morning registration, and more importantly, do you feel well enough to run another 10K?

    If not, then try not to let the "left behind" feeling get you down. Just know next year you can register for it. Also, sometimes first year races aren't the best. You've knocked an important race off your bucket list, so revel in that and not in the remorse.

    1. Thank you Becca, you said a lot that makes so much sense. Sometimes you need other people to straighten things out so you can see clearly.

      I went for my long run today and my schedule only called for three miles, those were some tough three miles. I was in NO SHAPE to run that 10K today if I'd have signed up for both races. I know I made the right decision by not running them both!