Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

So my taste in music is pretty varied.  I like the pop/Top 40, dance and house, R&B and Soul, Jazz and Rock & Roll.  I'm pretty multifaceted.  I know all the lyrics to Steely Dan's Aja record...and I bet most of you have never heard of Steely Dan!

So with my varied musical tastes, it never surprises me when a throwback hit makes its way onto my iPod list.  I fell in love with this song when it first came out and I still get goosebumps when it comes on.  It makes me energized and I can't help but sing along to it.
So for my throwback jam today, I present:

The chorus just lifts me up.  You can derive so many meanings from this song and it means something different for everyone that listens to it.  Freedom from your thoughts, freedom from expectations, freedom from the pressure.  Freedom takes on many different faces, this song for me, sets me free.  That's why I LOVE it for my run.  Give it a try.  It's so liberating.  It's amazing what music can do!

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