Friday, September 14, 2012

Product Review: Energybits

Some weeks ago I saw a bunch of mentions on my Twitter feed about a company and their product called ENERGYbits.  Intrigued, I read up about them on their website and read reviews from people who'd received samples from them.  Interesting information and pretty compelling results described from fitness bloggers based on a "two dose" sample from the company.

Then a few days later the company tweeted about offering free samples to all those interested, so I contacted them for a sample.  A free sample is always nice, especially when the size of a normal order is approximately 30 "doses" of the product, that's too much for me to commit to with a new product, so the sample was perfect.

I left for vacation and when I came back the sample was waiting for me at home.  I was so excited to receive the package that I ripped it open immediately and this is what I found.

Some really interesting information that explains what the product is and how it is designed to help improve your performance and increase stamina.

Look at those stats.  Some really interesting information.  Why I was so intrigued is that I suffer from anemia and need to take iron supplements.  So I am constantly battling with fatigue.  The natural ingredient and vitamins and minerals piqued my interest as I hoped that this might give me the natural energy boost I needed without the sugar crash that most other prepared energy sources create.

It just so happened that I had a hike at Sunrise in the Mount Rainier National Park that same day, so I figured why not!  Let's take these babies for a spin today on what could potentially be a grueling day of hiking.

This is what was received in the sample tin.

This is the recommended dose of 30 tabs.  Seems like a lot, huh?  Well...down the hatch!  I've got some hiking to do!  (Just don't breathe in when swallowing them, smells like the beach at low tide!)  Oh and another thing, they suggest you swallow or chew them to consume.  I'd read unsavory reviews of the taste when chewed, so I decided to not repeat others actions and just take their advise to swallow instead.  That sounded so dirty...sorry.  Moving along...

So I took them just before we got to the trails and when I was going along the trails I had a freshness in my legs that I'd never felt before.  I was light and my pace was quick, I felt springy in my step.  The tough terrain was nothing I couldn't handle, my legs were chewing through the trail with ease.  I couldn't believe the difference I felt with the ENERGYbits.  I didn't feel like I was on a sugar buzz and all jittery like I do with gel's.  I also didn't hit a wall when the energy wore off.  These bits literally helped to propel me up the mountain terrain during my 10 mile hike!  Talk about impressive!  But I wasn't completely sold yet, I had to see what they would do for me during a run. 

Cue the Iron Girl 10K race this past Sunday!

I'm not one for trying something new on a race day, as a general rule that is just good practice.  However I hadn't had a long run in weeks and this was my soonest one.  So I figured why not?  I didn't have any adverse reactions when I had taken them on my hike, so I felt pretty safe taking them before the race.  During my stretch time before the race is when I took them, so about 15 minutes before race time.  34 tabs, down the hatch...and then the tin was empty.  Sad face, no more sample!

I didn't really notice a huge difference in my energy until something happened that I hadn't experienced in a race before.  I was passing people...with ease.  Wait, what? What did you say?  I know, I was actually picking people off and it felt so good.  My legs felt good, churning and burning through the miles.  I had never felt that good physically during a race, well, ever!  Usually my legs are fatigued easily and I begin to slow down.  My pace was good and I never really felt fatigue until much later in the day.  Now only if my lungs had cooperated with me that day I might have had better mile splits, but that's neither here nor there.  

Regardless, I felt the great effects of the ENERGYbits during the run as I had during my hike.  Strong sustained energy, no jittery buzz, easy let down, no crash at the end.

My verdict: I'm a fan...a HUGE fan.  I liked the energy it gave me and the natural let down when they wore off.  I felt propelled when I moved and the energy boost was noticable.  My predicament?  I have none at my house anymore.  Looks like it's time for me to bite the bullet and move onto the big bag!

UPDATED: ENERGYbits has contacted me and has given me a discount code if you would like to order. Simply enter BLOG when ordering and get a 10% discount!  Thanks ENERGYbits!

Question for you:  Have you tried ENERGYbits? If so, what did you think?  Have you checked out their Facebook page?  Or follow them on Twitter?  They occasionally announce sample giveaways, follow them and you may get lucky with your own sample! 

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