Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Great News!

I'm an Ambassador!

Not just for one group of amazing people, but TWO!

I got my first email on Monday from Girls Gone Sporty. They opened up an Ambassadorship on a yearly basis to people who are positive and enthusiastic about living a healthy and "sporty" lifestyle.  Positivity is a contagious thing and I love everything they stand for, so I couldn't wait to get my application in.  The on Monday, I got my acceptance email with all the information about being a Flagship Ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty. (badge to follow)

I'm more than thrilled to be involved with this organization and I know that with the help of all the Ambassadors, this positivity will only grow!

Then on Tuesday I got another fantastic email.

You got it!  I'm also a newly minted Ambassador for Fit Approach.  Watch out now, I'm sweating pink!  This is another organization that is positive and encouraging for athletes of all types, shapes and sizes.  I've seen their presence grow more and more over the past few months and I couldn't WAIT to put in my application to request to be among some fantastic people spreading the #sweatpink word!  Then on Tuesday I got the email saying that I'm a new Ambassador and I literally jumped for joy in my office cubical.  Yup...I was excited...and I'm still excited!

I have been chosen to be a representative for two amazing organizations that, among other things, instills positivity about being active and healthy.  What is not to love about that?

So going forward you will be seeing posts that may pertain to these two organizations or tweets with #sweatpink and #girlsgonesporty.  I'm not just a groupie, I'm now an Ambassador!


  1. Hi Lena! I'm Louise and am a new SPA also! Just dropped by to say hello and love the blog! :)

    1. Thank you Louise! I appreciate it! Congrats to you as well!