Monday, September 3, 2012

Momentum Monday: What's Your Excuse?

It's the end of summer (wait, did I just type that? Where did it go?) and races are in/have been in full swing in the PNW.  Every weekend there is at least one big race going on somewhere in the area.  I'm also seeing race training picking up on the blogs I read from the bloggers all over the country.  People are talking about their race training schedules coming up and how they are going to change/modify their daily diet to fuel properly for the training and races.  But for me, I feel like I'm watching everyone go by and will eventually be lapped.  How come I can't get into the groove like everyone else?

I have a race on Sunday, my very first 10K and I don't feel at all prepared for it.  I haven't run any significant distance in a while.  Now granted, I just spent a week in Disney World walking countless miles around all the parks.  Seriously, how many times can we walk across the park from Space Mountain to Thunder Mountain in one day? 10 times?  Um yeah, that happened.  I also went on a 10 mile hike around Sunrise at Mount Rainier on Saturday.  So it's not that I haven't been active, I just haven't run for any significant amount of distance.  So this has me nervous.

I currently have a 10K race scheduled for the next three months and I'm excited and nervous about this prospect.  I just don't know if I'm ready.  Then again, this is me psyching myself out.  I'm not trying to run a marathon and I've been close to 6 miles in the past, I just haven't gotten that notch on my belt yet.  So not having run that distance before and then going and running that at a race can be a bit daunting.

As I was looking through my momentum quotes, I found this one.  It made me smile so big and realize (see: kick myself in the butt) that all my road blocks in getting motivated and dodging excuses are from within and I need to stop letting them win.  So today's Momentum Mantra is:

I've been getting all the tweets from the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon that happened this weekend and it has helped to get me charged for my race on Sunday.  I can't wait to get out there to run with other amazing women and have a great time!  I'll be running my first 10K at the Athleta Iron Girl in Seattle on 9/09 at Greenlake.  I've heard such amazing things about this racing series and I can't wait to try it out for myself! 

This week I'll be working on my running, but not pushing my mileage because I want to rock my first 10K distance at my first 10K run.  

So how about you?  Are you gonna rock it this week?  If not, then what's your excuse?


  1. Yeah, your first 10K is already here!! The Iron Girl race is always a fun one...maybe I should do it...hmm??

    1. YES! I say do it! Should be fun and the weather should be perfect! The Sweaty Betties are meeting up too!

  2. Good luck at your first 10k! I'll be thinking of you as I run my first half marathon that very same day.

    1. Your first half marathon!? That's awesome! I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on too!
      You will do a GREAT job and just know that someone is supporting you from a far!