Friday, July 13, 2012

Torchlight Training Run

So last night was the first of three training runs for the annual Seafair Torchlight Run in Seattle. 
The race is a 5K and 8K that begins and ends at the Seattle Center on Saturday July 28th.  It's a huge event and the race follows the route of the parade that starts shortly after everyone has crossed the start line.  There are tons of people that dress in costume (Pirates are the theme of Seafair) and the energy is pretty palpable (or so I've heard) from all the people that have lined the route to watch the parade cheering you on. 
This will be my first Torchlight Run and I'm pretty stoked about it.  Not so much about the starting time (6:30pm, OUCH...HOT!) but because Seafair is such a huge celebration in Seattle and this race is very much a part of those festivities.

Brooks is so gracious to be hosting training runs on the three Thursdays leading up to the race event.  They have a raffle and some giveaways as incentive to come out and participate as well.  This is the second training run event that I've been to that Brooks has put on and they are always the consumate hosts!

The run began at Road Runner Sports, which actually hosts regular Thursday runs for people that want to run in a group atmosphere.  It's a pretty tight-knit group from what I saw and they looked like they have a lot of fun (something to think about after these training runs are over!).

We set out to go running around Greenlake where one lap is a 5K.  So pretty easy, one lap and you're done right!  Just check out the beauty!

How can you not enjoy a run with this gorgeous weather and beautiful lake around?  Well, that would be me!  (raising hand in the air)  It was a tough run.  I started out faster than I usually do, just to try and keep up with some people from the pack, but everyone was so much faster than me.  I huffed and puffed and had to walk so much more than I usually do.  My spirit was so battered by the time I got back to the meet up point.  Even more so was the knowledge I was the last one back and was there just in time for the last raffle prize to be given away.

Even though I was so hot, sweaty and psychologically beaten, I still managed to smile after the run.
I got home and told my hubby about my terrible run.  He told me to stop being so hard on myself and reminded me that I've been sick (tummy problems) for the past two days and my body is still re-cooperating. I'd totally forgotten about that, even though it's no excuse, it still makes sense as to why it may have been such a tough run.  Regardless, I went out there and ran the lake, got my 5K in and made it back to the starting point not giving up. 

Today I'm headed back to the lake to run with my friend Danielle.  She has to work on retraining her foot placement when she runs to minimize injury.  A tough situation and learning curve for her, considering she just finished a half marathon, she feels like she is starting from scratch.  I'll be there to support her and help in any way I can to help her get her groove back!  Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Hey! I'm so sorry you got left behind! Some of us slower people (9-12 min pace) went before the bigger, faster group - hope you can find us next time! And, yes, you should totally make a habit of coming on our group runs: I LOVE Seattle Green Lake Running Group!