Monday, July 30, 2012

Momentum Monday: Finding your feet

Saturday evening was the Seafair Torchlight Run that I've been talking about here and going to training runs for the past three weeks for.  I learned two things about myself with this race; 1) I don't like afternoon/evening races (I'll discuss this more during my race recap), and 2) outside support is highly underrated. 

We know that no one can help us run a race, no one can make our legs go faster when all they want to do is stop, and no one can push us more than we push ourselves.  Yet there is something to be said about people cheering you on and supporting you, even if there is nothing they can do to help you physically.

This was the first race I had been to that I had no one there to support me or be with me as I prepped for the race or welcome me back as the race ended.  My hubby was working and couldn't make the race, and my family has never really been that supportive.  However when I told my mom that I would be going to the race by myself, she went into "mom-mode" and was really worried about me being alone and for my safety.  I assured her that I would be fine and that I could take care of myself.  She called me about an hour before the race apologizing that they (mom and dad) weren't there, she wanted to be there so that I wasn't alone, but their plans had gotten in the way.  She had me call her before the race started and after I finished, then again when I got home so she knew I was safe.  Yes, she is protective and she can drive me crazy, but I love my mother.

It also got me to thinking, I wanted her to be there because she wanted to be there to root me on and support me in my endeavor, not just to keep me company and make sure I was safe.  I want my family to share in my experiences, the hardship that comes with races sometimes and have someone to look for at the finish line.  I wanted her support and presence.

So yesterday when I went over to my parents house for family dinner night (every Sunday), everyone asked about the race and how I think I did, etc.  My mom later pulled me aside and gave me a great big hug and apologized again for not being there with me.  Then she said something I wasn't prepared for.  She said "I'm proud of you for what you are doing and running these races, I want you to know that." 

I seriously shed a tear.  Whew...I'm getting misty eyed again.

She has never acknowledged this endeavor, let alone tell me that she was proud of me for doing it.  That validation of support means so much and in no way deters from my love of the unwaivering support I have gotten from my hubby, it just adds a little more push on my tush to do better and reach farther than I thought was possible.

Which leads me to the Momentum Mantra for today and this week:

My race showed me I have major gaps in my training (again, more on that in the recap).  I did about the same from my previous 8K, meaning I didn't do worse but I also didn't improve.  That being said, the fact that I've been running more and getting back into a training groove has been rejuvenating for me.  I'm no where near where I want to be (or should had I kept training consistently) and I need to keep going, keep pushing and know I have a goal in mind. 

Today is an opportunity to improve on yesterday.  Make it count!

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