Friday, July 27, 2012

Torchlight Training Run #3

Yesterday was the third and final training run before Torchlight Run on Saturday July 28th.  It was quite a hot day as well, 89 degrees at Greenlake with very little breeze.  Needless to say, I was sweaty!

Got to Road Runner Sports and everything was set up like usual.

Except this was a bit different, the Seafair setup was inside the store, you know why?  This is where the post run freebies and beer will be handed out.  Score.

Another event that occurred at the run was the appearance of Miss Seafair.
She was on hand to do a "knighting" ceremony to a member of the athletic community that has made a large impact.  This year was Donald Watts.

I used to watch him play for the Huskies when I was in college band.  He was an awesome player to watch!

After the ceremony, we set out to run the lake.  It was still really hot and made the run that much tougher.  I hit the ground and gave it everything I had and only had to walk a little bit at the end.  My stomach was upset coming in and I was afraid of what might happen, so I walked.  It all subsided and I was able to run back in.
Me and my post run coconut water...tasted SO good.  Now...where's my beer?

Everyone was directed inside for the raffle and beer "garden".

I didn't win anything. I never win anything anyway. Hey at least I got my beer!

A look at the "booty" I got from the last training run.  Not too bad and now I've got some fuel for tomorrows run!  Another great surprise is that I met a blogger that I follow Marathonlar. She was so surprised that someone recognized her in real life from reading her blog.  It was a really cool experience and she's a really sweet person.  Check out her blog!

I picked up my packet for the run tomorrow and I'm super stoked.  I'm hoping to have lots of pictures from the race to share with you.

Also, I was just made aware that my "follow" request area on the blog wasn't working. I've since fixed it, so please feel free to subscribe!  

Have a great Friday all, I'm off to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

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  1. I was wondering who that dude was that got knighted! :) It was great to meet you and be recognized, you made my night!