Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Fun

Ugh...I'm a day behind in my posts!  I'll catch up, I promise.  Until then, I'll tell you about my Friday!

You know it is summer around Seattle when the food festival known as the Bite of Seattle is going on.  Well it opened on Friday at 11am.  Guess who works 4 blocks from Seattle Center where it's held?  Me!  Guess who has their lunch time at 11:30?  Me!  Guess who went to the Bite of Seattle for lunch?  You guessed it, ME!

I have missed the Bite for the past two years and it's always fun to go and check out the new booths and see if there is anything different to try that year.  It was POURING rain in the morning and I seriously doubted that it would stop in time for me to go at lunch, but about an hour before I could leave it stopped raining.  BONUS!

I love going when it first opens, because the crowds are REALLY light and you can get your food pretty quick.  I love trying new places, but it never fails that I end up getting my old stand-by, a corn dog.  Maybe I can break with tradition this year! In the back of the pic on the left you'll see a green food truck. Had a roasted duck taco from there, UNBELIEVABLE! Wish I had gotten a picture of it, it was AMAZING!  But I digress.
If any of you had ran the RnR marathon series last month, you'd recognize this area as the family meet-up spot.  No letters out...just tasty food booths!
The stage was all set and music was playing by the time I got there.  It was nice to have live tunes going while munching on tasty bites!

Beer garden.  Yes it was open.  Yes there were people in it drinking already.  Yes "happy hour" was from 11-2 with discounted beer prices.  Keeping it classy, Seattle.

So every year Tom Douglas, a famous chef around these parts, puts together a plate that incorporates foods from his 7 restaurants that you can get at one place.  With all the proceeds going to Food Lifeline.  Now that is some class right there, good job!

Oh yeah...and I failed at breaking my tradition.  To my defense, this was a spicy italian sausage corn dog that was about as long as my forearm!  It was SO GOOD!!  I also had a lamb slider that I didn't take a picture of, it wasn't worthy of one either, it was quite disappointing.

There were tons of booths with organic and natural foods.  I came back to my office with my arms full of this stuff!

 Pretty good of booty for only being at the Bite for about 40 minutes!  They were handing out these large bags of Smartfood popcorn (I'm not a fan of popcorn, but knew my co-workers would devour it!), Cascade Farms handed out three small boxes of their granola to everyone that visited their booth, you got one of each Lara bar samples (LOVE Larabars!!!) and a packet of natural sweetners.

 I've always wanted to try stevia, so this is a pretty easy way for me to try it without making a large purchasing commitment.  It also came with flavored blue agave samples, I had no idea they had flavored ones!  I'm excited to try the maple one on pancakes!!!  YUMM-O!

All in all it was a good visit to the Bite and I got out before it started getting really crowded.  Only thing I can't stand about the event is that there is not ONE booth that actually sold "a bite".  Meaning a small sample of their product that you can buy for a dollar or two.  Instead you have to buy a whole plate or multiples of an item (ie eggrolls, meat skewers).  What if you don't want a whole meal and would rather booth hope and sample as much as you can?  Nope, not gonna happen.  I think the vendors are missing out on a golden opportunity to sell small amounts of food at a higher price percentage than plates of their product at a medium price percentage.  Did that make sense?

Regardless, I enjoyed my brief time there and went back to work completely satisfied.  I spent my evening at a friends house eating awesome Chinese food, drinking mojitos and catching up on life with some of my favorite people.  Not to mention spending time with their adorable kiddos!!

Hope your weekend is going well, I know mine is going too fast!  Slow down please!  Have a good night!

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