Friday, July 20, 2012

Torchlight Training Run #2

It's that day of the week again!  Another Torchlight Training Run hosted by Brooks and Road Runner Sports.
Different group of people out from Brooks today than last week.  Had a good time chatting up with them and they gave great feedback on the runs they host.  Moral of the story: Wear Brooks stuff and you will get more raffle tickets!  You can thank me later for that.

Reps from Seafair were there to sign people up for the run.  Can't believe it is next weekend already!!  Who else is running it?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Everyone at Road Runner Sports was really nice and knowledgeable.  Also, another FYI, Road Runner has their GU gels for $.99 right now.  Good deal, I had to stock up a bit!

The rep at Nuun was back again.  Really nice guy and had us trying flavors I hadn't had yet.  Gotta say, I'm still a fan of the Tropical Punch, though I'm really wanting to try the tea flavor!!

This week my approach was a bit different in the run.  First off, I wanted to run the outside loop of Greenlake. I just found out that the inner loop is only 2.8 miles and the outer loop is the 5K! (smacking forehead)  I also decided that I would leave a little bit before the rest of the group did.  Let's be honest, they are all trailblazers and I just can't keep up with them.  Sorry, I'm just not at an 8 minute miler...yet.  :)
So I was trucking along, finding it hard to get into a rhythm, my head was in this run...and I didn't need it to be.  After my first mile I had to walk a bit, nasty side stitch!  It subsided and I started back up again, only for the stitch to come back. Damn it! I was doing so well!  Then after it went away again I started back up.  Then something great happened.  I found the rhythm.  You know where your legs just know what to do and your breath is easy and that mile just disappears under your feet.  That's where I was, and it was FANTASTIC!  Then the trail changed on me and I had no idea where it went (first time running this trail) and I had to stop to figure out my direction.  Effectively ending my rhythm.  I tried so hard during that last mile to find it again, but the body doesn't want you to over think it, it will find the rhythm for you.  Unfortunately, it never came back.

I returned to the meeting point and had this silly realization...I was among the first back.  Not because I had left with everyone else and smashed that 5K, oh no!  It was because I left earlier and actually ran more than walked this time.  It felt SO. GOOD.  To the point that I got goosebumps when I got back (you might not be able to see them in the pic, but they're there, trust me).  I felt vindicated from the last run and it was the best feeling!

A little bit of hydration and stretching before the raffle.  Didn't win anything, but then again I was actually there to hear whether or not my number was actually called!

Overall, the night was another success by Brooks and Road Runner Sports.  Lots of people running the lake and having a good time together.  It was also a success for me too, I improved my run from last week and finally ran that outer loop.  I still can't believe I didn't know the difference!  Sheesh!  It's only more motivation for me to keep going so that next week I can OWN that loop!

Question of the Day: Who is running the Seafair Torchlight Run on Saturday July 28th?  The 5K or the 8K?  Have your pirate garb yet? :)

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