Monday, January 28, 2013

Momentum Monday: Negative Energy

Hello Monday...we meet again.  Let's try and make it not quite so quickly next weekend, eh?  

Another Monday means another weekend of relaxation and a long run.  I'm still riding off the high of finishing my first ever 12 mile run on Saturday, it still feels weird to say that I accomplished that.  But I did, I have the pics and witnesses to prove it!

Speaking of my witnesses, one of my friends that came and ran with me on Saturday brought up a really good point that I wanted to talk about today.  Without divulging too much information about the situation, she has an ill family member that has her quite upset and the fact that the doctors don't know whats wrong, makes it that much more difficult to bear.

She said last week that she would come out to run on Saturday, but then her family issue happened and she decided against it.  On a split early morning decision, she decided to get herself out there and run with us.  Why?  Well today's Motivation was completely appropriate:

She knew that staying at home she would be stewing about whatever terrible scenario she had in her head.  She also knew that running would help give her a nice break in her routine and to think about something else.  She also knew that running would help her shake the stress and negative energy off.  How appropriately put.  

I can't think of a better way to deal with stress than to run.  Whether it is for a couple of minutes or many miles, the release of what you are keeping inside through the movement of your body is so therapeutic.  There have been countless times where I have looked between a bottle of wine and my running shoes on the floor and tried to decide which one would be the best to deal with my stress/anger/anxiety/negativity/etc.  

I would long for the bottle of wine, because that was an old habit of mine.  I would have incredibly stressful days, where I would go home and open a bottle of wine only intending on having a couple of glasses.  Then before I knew it, the bottle was almost empty and although I wasn't feeling those feelings anymore, they were still there waiting for me.

When I started choosing my running shoes over wine, I found that when I was done with my run, however long it might have been, I felt better.  I breathed easier and the weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The run had given me time to process what I was feeling and to release anything I was holding onto...and yes, that includes tears.  I've had runs that have stopped dead in its tracks because of a bawling session.  It's okay, cry it out.  You probably needed it.  

What I'm trying to get at is that I know I felt better mentally, physically and psychologically after a run during stressful times.  It may not be for everyone, I understand that.  But next time you are having a particularly stressful/negative day, or week, give it a try.  Lace up your shoes and hit the road or the treadmill or trail and just run.  Leave the stress in your dust.

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