Tuesday, January 15, 2013

End of Week 15 Half Marathon training

So you're probably wondering why there was such a jump between my training posts, considering my last post was at the end of week 9.  Oops!  Well between then and now I dealt with my stomach/GI issues for an entire month and not much running (read: none) was getting done.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I started running again and building up my mileage.  Since week 9 I have progressed up to running my first ever 10 mile distance.  Something that was no easy feat!

This week, number 15, was a scale back week.  Only 3 miles on the plan.  Wait, what?  3 miles?  I go from running 10 miles down to 3?  So I changed it to 6, seemed like a fair adjustment to me.  So 6 miles it was for my long run.

This week's schedule was just like usual:

Tuesday: 30 minute walk/run
Thursday: 30 minute walk/run
Saturday: 3 6 mile long run

Tuesday and Thursday were lost causes.  Crap got in the way and I never made it out for a run.  No lame excuses, just never happened.  So Saturday would be my run for the week.  Lovely.

Saturday I was up and getting ready for my run, looked outside and saw the very thick layer of frost on the ground.  Frost = slippery run!  Oh boy!  So as I was getting ready, I made the mistake of checking my Twitter feed and I got caught up reading all the tweets from those running the WDW Half Marathon.  An hour later, I got dressed and headed out the door for my run.

It was a leisurely 6 miles up and down hills in Bellevue and my body fought me the whole way.  It was a rough run, I couldn't get into a groove and I just felt off.  I got it done in 1 hour and 20 minutes (ugh), it was a slow and arduous run, but I got it done and I felt good that I was able to keep up with my training.

It is 6 weeks from today that I will be in Disney World for my half marathon and I'm getting excited about it!  (Reading all the tweets from the marathon weekend in WDW has been fueling this excitement for sure!)  I have 11 miles set for next weekend and I'm nervous about it.  Though I also know that when I conquer this run, that means I only need two more miles to reach the half marathon distance, something I feel I could do.  It will hurt, but I can do it.

It's all getting real and the race I've been dreaming about running for about a year is rapidly coming.  I'm nervous and really excited.  This long journey is coming to its fruition and I am so excited for it.

5 more weeks of training.

6 weeks until D-day.



  1. Good job coming back from being so sick! You are going to rock the half marathon...can't wait to read about your first 13.1 miles!

    1. Thanks lady! I'm not nervous yet, just very very excited. Thank you for the encouragement!!