Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, but feels like Thursday!

Well technically it is my Thursday, I don't work this Friday.  Hello three day weekend!!  WOOHOO!!  So needless to say, my weeks get a bit messed up prepping to be out for an extended weekend.  Though I should be used to this as this happens every other weekend.  Le sigh.

Yesterdays steps total for my work challenge were...7382.  Mwah mwah mwaaahhh!  Yeah, pretty bad, especially since I wanted to take more than 10,000 steps, not less!  I didn't get a run in yesterday so that greatly affected my step count.  However I did get some good walking in while walking to my evening plans.

Mariners Game!

A vendor was in town from the east coast and we went to a game last night.  It was fun hanging out with my co-workers outside of work.  You get a different dynamic when people aren't under the watchful eye of their employer and can relax and be themselves.  The Mariners lost (big surprise there), but the company was great!

Today I had a package waiting for me when I got home from work.

I was so excited when I saw it...I love getting packages!  I already knew what it was, but I still get giddy like a kid on Christmas.  :)

My first pair of running shorts...EVER!

My running training began, and has been, through the cold and wet months of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, so I've never needed shorts.  Come to think of it, I've never run in shorts before, well unless you count basketball when I was younger, then yes, I have run in shorts.  But that was different.  :)  

These shorts are the Nike 2-in-1 Tempo running shorts and I got these for a particular reason.  The reviews said that they don't ride up!  Being a bigger girl with larger thighs, that is an important feature in running shorts because there is nothing worse than having severely chafed inner thighs while trying to run any distance.  Ouch, my thighs hurt just thinking about it. 

Check 'em out, they don't look too bad on me, kinda snazzy huh?

Though now I've posted a crotch shot of myself.  How tasteful of me.  Nice going slick, grandma would be shaking her head in embarrassment.

Well that's it for me today.  Hope everyone had a great Wednesday and have great plans ahead for the weekend.  Looks like it might actually be decent weather around here for the weekend, 74 degrees!!!  WOO HOO!!!

Later gator!

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