Monday, June 18, 2012

Motivation Monday and start of a busy week!

Happy Monday all!  Hope you had a fantastic Father's Day weekend with your fathers, grandfathers, husbands, uncles, whoever you wanted to celebrate on that day.  Mine was an epic day!  Early morning to meet up with the hubby's dad and sister, then it was off to Father's Day Brunch at Ivar's Acres of Clams. 

Now this is where the "epic" comes in.  This brunch buffet was crazy big...and crazy good!!!  Crab, oysters, clams, mussels, eggs benedict, clam chowder, crepes, waffles, omelettes, pasta station, carving station, grilled veggies, fruits platters galore...and that wasn't even half of what was being offered!  I kept myself to a minimum and kept to things that weren't fried or had sauces.  The guys were stuffed to the gills (hahhaha...sorry, couldn't help the pun) and they walked (waddled) out happy. 

Then that evening we met up with my family to have my dad's favorite dinner, ribs!  My dad makes the best ribs and makes his own BBQ sauce.'s so amazing!  He has honed his skills over many years and has found the PERFECT combination, it's like nothing I've ever had any where and it goes great on everything.  I chipped in and made my famous bruschetta to go along, a surprise that dad was not expecting but devoured just the same.

So a big day of eating, a gut buster of sorts, but I kept portions down which is tough to do at a buffet and kept to things that were healthier for me.  Those grilled veggies were amaze-balls, I'm not gonna lie, I almost took the whole platter with me back to the table.  I wouldn't have felt bad about it one bit!

Only bummer about this weekend is that I tweaked my hip while sleeping on Friday night, so bad I yelped in pain when I moved.  How do you tweak a hip while sleeping, silly right?  Well it's an old "injury" that I had corrected through chiropractic visits over the course of two years.  Before I got relief from my chiro, I was in pain ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Sitting, standing, lying down, everything just hurt.  So based on my previous experience I knew that I had to keep my hips immobilized as much as possible and use my heating pad to relax the muscles back to where they needed to me.  Immobilization = no running this weekend.  <--- Boo hiss!!

Now it is Monday.  My hips feel good, much better than this weekend and I've even taken a 1+ mile walk around my work neighborhood and I'm ready for my run this afternoon.  I need to strap on my shoes and shake off some stress.  This brings me to today's motivation.

I've been struggling to make certain workouts and sometimes consistent running a habit.  They say it takes 3 weeks, or 21 days, to create a habit, but it only takes two days to break it.  That's rough to think about!  All that work can be tossed a side on just a couple of days of non-consistent behavior.  So I'm working on making my workouts more of a habit, or rather routine.  I love routines, they create order in this chaotic world I live in.  So here is my motivation for you:

I will work on making my goals and my workouts not only a motivation, but to create good habits and routines in my life. Because I don't know about you, but once I start a routine the moment I deviate from it, my life feels out of balance.  So my habit, motivation and routine can give me balance...balance, doesn't that sound nice?

So looking forward to this week I've got lots going on!  Free Zumba classes begin tomorrow!  As part of the 50th celebration Seattle Center is hosting FREE summer fitness classes!  Tuesday nights from June 19-August 21st from 6-7pm is free Zumba, I love Zumba and I love free!  So I'm excited about getting to do this!  Then I am volunteering at the Rock n' Roll Marathon on Saturday, a friends child birthday party in the afternoon on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday.  Whew...I'm getting tired thinking about it.  So here's to the start of a busy week!

Question: So how about you?  Are you a routines type of person?  Or does that make things too regimented for you?

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