Sunday, June 10, 2012

Office Challenge

So my work has issued a challenge to all its employees to get more active and moving more.  I work at an office building tethered to a desk all day and leaves little ability to get some regular movement.  Ugh  So as a "Summer Shape Up" challenge, they have encouraged people to build teams of 5 people and have given everyone pedometers.  The goal is to see how many steps your team can take in 6 weeks, the top three teams with the most steps win prizes.  The prizes are pretty swanky, so it has drawn quite a bit of people to get involved in the challenge.  I did it because I wanted to see how much movement I can get into my day and keep myself from feeling so lethargic and drained at work.  Well and the idea of winning an iPad is a pretty good motivator.

So here it new buddy for the next six weeks.

I'm excited because since I've been running I haven't used a pedometer to see what my step total is, so this will be a fun experiment for me.  I'm hoping that this challenge will help give me more of an incentive to go on my lunch time runs and take more walks on my breaks.  I love how I feel when I get back to work after a run, I've shaken off the stress of the day so far and I'm feeling more focused on what I need to do.

The real challenge for me will be to remember to keep it on me at all times!  I need to record the steps from when I first wake up to me going to bed.  So making sure that it is on me at all times I think will be the challenge in and of itself.  HA!

The challenge begins tomorrow so I don't have to wear it just yet.  Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to start having a Monday theme, so stick around and check me out tomorrow to see what new adventure we start.!

Until then, have a great rest of your weekend!

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