Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Under the weather

Today finds me a bit under the weather.  Yesterday was gorgeous!  It was sunny and 78 degrees out, finally some warm weather around here!  I got a decent 3 mile run in after work, the new theme has helped to motivate me so far...let's keep this good thing going!  The run itself was tough, my legs felt like lead the whole way, my quads would just not loosen up!  It was frustrating!!

This morning I woke up to the cloudy and cold...and a tickle in my throat.  That is where all my colds and flus begin, so I know not to take it lightly!  I've been drinking hot water like it's going out of style today.  Wait, was drinking plain hot water ever in style?  hhhmmm... Then during the time frame I normally go for a my lunch run a meeting was set up and it started to rain outside.  Lovely.

I guess it's just as well, let my body rest up for a bit while we brave another cold, windy and rainy day here in Seattle.  I've given up on spring, I'm looking forward to summer!

So, before bed last night I had to log my daily step total from my pedometer to report the next day for the work challenge.  I had logged 9651 steps.  Not bad, but not great either.  I would really like to see my total over 10,000 steps.  The reason why?  My work is very sedentary.  I'm at a desk all day long, plopped in front of a computer.  I used to work in a much more active job where hitting 10,000 steps would happen before lunch time; and I LOVED it.  I loved the constant movement and exercise I would get daily just from doing my job.  Alas, the job ceased to exist and I had to find something stable and what came with it was a stable location of work.  So getting active during the rest of my day is a huge thing for me and I want to make sure I'm getting the proper amount of activity to be healthy.

So now that I know what my benchmark is, I need to work on getting more steps then I am getting now.  The challenge is so on!

Question for you:  Do you use a pedometer?  How many steps do you take a day?  

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