Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day

It's Wednesday!  YAY!  I always feel a bit better about the week when Wednesday rolls around.  It means the work week is half way over and only a couple more days until the weekend.  Weekend = extra sleep and time with the hubby.  Two of my favorite things! 

Though my horoscope today said that:
"if you are wishing away your life [by rushing through the week and looking forward to the weekend when "life" will begin again], you may want to examine the reasons for it.  Are you unfulfilled in your life in some way?  If so, you should be looking for some other path to follow.  Wouldn't it be better to be doing something you find engaging?" 

Now I don't know if you "believe" in horoscopes or find them somewhat intuitive like I do (the personality characteristics I have with my sign are pretty uncanny!), but this is some pretty powerful insight!  Do you find yourself slugging through the first half of the work week wishing it was Friday, then when Wednesday/Thursday comes around you start counting the hours until your weekend starts Friday afternoon?  I think most people do, I know I do and maybe that is something I need to change.  We go through our work days doing what we do because we are good at it and/or just to pay the bills. However, there is a lucky percentage of people that LOVE what they do and wake up excited to do their job.  Not all of us are lucky in that sense, but that doesn't mean we can't be fulfilled in some other way. 

How about spending time each night with your family?  How about spending time with yourself to work on your fitness?  Now that last one is definitely time well worth spending!  We so commonly put all other things before our needs that before we know it, it's 10 o'clock at night and the chores have been done and you've been plopped down in front of the TV for over an hour and sit there wishing you would have taken the time earlier to go for that run or popped in that 30 minute workout DVD that makes you sore but feels great afterward.

Well I did just that yesterday!  As I had mentioned previously, the Seattle Center is offering free Zumba class every Tuesday evening from 6-7pm on the rooftop of the Fisher Pavilion.  Now I get off work at 4pm, so having to wait around for two hours after the end of my work day is not ideal, but how can you beat doing your workout in a setting like this?

The weather had been cloudy and drizzling rain most of the day, then around 2pm the clouds started to dissipate and the sun came out in all its glory.  Though with all the rain we've had lately, all it did was make Seattle a humid mess.  Ugh!  So I walked to the Seattle Center (my office is only 4 blocks away) and watched as other people joined for the free class.  The instructor set up his sound system, yes I said he, it was a guy teaching about 35 women how to Zumba.  Apparently he teachs nearby because there were a lot of his students at the free class.  I'd taken Zumba one time before and remembered two things: 1) you don't want shoes with lots of grip on the bottom, because of all the dance moves where your legs are twisting, the grips can make it tougher to do the moves and you end up fatiguing or even twisting your knees! 2) This workout is NO JOKE!  My hips were burning half way through, then my quads, then my butt joined the party.  I left class with jello legs and was a complete sweat ball!  Having the class outside is fun, save for the gawkers walking through that area of the park and doing the whole class in the blazing sunshine, and I met some really great women and had a blast! 

You can definitely count on me joining this group every Tuesday until August 21 when the free classes end; what a workout!  I'm so glad that I did this and took the time for me to get a good workout in.  When I got home the chores were still waiting for me and I got them done, ate dinner and still had time to plop myself in front of the TV to watch an episode of Deadliest Catch before bed.  I have no idea why, but that show is SO addicting!  I have no more excuses, if I can fit in a workout like this where the timing is inconvenient and still get everything done that I need to get done, then I can certainly fit in an hour long run or a 30 minute DVD workout.  This is me engaging in something fulfilling for me, my life and my future.

Work challenge update: My step totals for the past two days have blown my step totals from a week ago out of the water!  Monday I had 10,083 steps and Tuesday I had 16,238!  I love seeing all the movement I'm doing in a form that I can measure!

Question for you: What can you or are you engaged in that brings fulfillment to your life?  It could be work, family, a hobby, anything that makes you happy or brings you joy!

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