Monday, December 16, 2013

Momentum Monday: Under (com)pression

It's Monday and 9 days until Christmas. I can't believe I just typed that, 9 days away from Christmas! Single digits people, SINGLE DIGITS!! Where has the time gone? I blame Thanksgiving being a week later this year for the sudden arrival of Christmas. We have had our tree up for over a week now, but it's still not decorated. It's got lights on it, but no decorations. Sad sight indeed. I need to remedy that today.

Along with the pressures and expectations of the quickly coming holiday, there are the changes that my body is going through for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I am officially 34 weeks today, meaning there is only 6 more weeks until the baby is anticipated to arrive and that is just crazy talk, I tell ya! Along with the consistent movement of the pumpkin and new types of discomfort, I am now starting to experience swelling.

Oh yay.

As if I don't already feel uncomfortable in my own skin, my body has now decided to start retaining water with the main collection area being my legs, ankles and feet. Typical right? Most women that I have talked to have complained of  swollen ankles and feet through the latter part of their pregnancy. Mine becomes especially prominent due to the fact that I stand at work, so my feet and ankles definitely take a beating. So how do I combat this issue?

Compression socks!

Not just any compressions socks, but Pro Compression. I have been using these socks for over a year now for my running and recovery and they are the only compression socks that I will wear. I've tried Zensah and CEP and neither of those brands provide the same type of support and comfort as I've received from Pro Compression. Starting yesterday I've started to wear my compression socks on a more regular basis to help bring down the swelling in my legs, ankles and feet and increase the circulation that is needed for those parts.

So my Momentum Monday today is to do a lead up to Christmas with 10 Days of Compression!

I will post a picture of the pair of compression socks I am wearing that day and talk about the benefits of compression socks, or maybe a benefit I've received from these awesome Pro Compression socks.

My 10 Days of Compression began yesterday. On Day 1 I spent a fair amount of time on my feet cooking, cleaning and starting prep on the babies room, so I knew I would need some good compression. I wore my Pink Argyle marathon socks under my pants.

I have always loved argyle and these socks have been on many long runs and recovery days with me. I've had these socks for quite some time and they still look as good as the day I got them and have not lost their compression even after several washes! The secret is to air dry, never put in the dryer! They will last longer and retain their elasticity!

Today is Day 2 and I've got lots happening today. I've got food prep for the week, more work on the babies room, errands to run, a tree to decorate and doctor's appointments to go to. For a day off, I've got lots of things to do for sure! To help combat the swelling that will most definitely occur, it's Pro Compression socks to the rescue!

I am wearing the Powder Blue marathon socks, the same pair I wore during my very first half marathon in Disney World this year, the Princess Half Marathon. 

They were the perfect compliment to my Cinderella costume that I wore for the race and these socks were literally released the week before I was to leave on my trip for the race. The great people at Pro Compression received my order and sent my socks to me in just enough time for me to pack them into my luggage and head out the door to Florida. Great service and the perfect compliment to my costume for the race!

Stay tuned for the next 8 installments of the 10 Days of Compression where I will share more socks, benefits and stories! And yes, I do have enough socks in my collection for there not to be any repeat wearings, I told you that I love these socks! I wasn't kidding! Until tomorrow!


  1. Cute idea Lena! I wish I had compression socks at the end of my pregnancies! I have those same blue ones. :) I swelled a lot but in strange places. My NOSE swelled up, it was bizarre!

    1. You have the blue ones to go with your costume for PHM? :)
      Your nose got swollen? That is a strange place to swell during pregnancy!

  2. Love the argyle! On a different note, thanks for clarifying why Christmas seems so sudden! I thought I've just been super busy!

    1. Thanks! I'm a sucker for argyle, I'm so bummed I missed getting the new pattern, the black with the hot pink argyle, SO CUTE!
      Well you are probably super busy AND less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Talk about a double whammy!