Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks and Day 4 of Compression!

As the weeks creep by, or rather FLY by with the holidays upon us, I am increasingly aware that there will be a new person in my life. A little addition to our family. Family. Not a couple anymore, but a family. Gives me pause every now and then thinking about that.

Then I remember that there will be many sleepless nights and diaper changes and feedings and crying (both baby and mommy!). Stress and sleep deprivation and anxiety and frustration and confusion will abound I am sure for many months (if not years) to come.

At the same time though I think about all the little highlights that I will watch and be apart of, walking, talking, playing with other children, learning, asking questions, growing and becoming a person like you and me. It's amazing to sit back and think about it all. Marvel at the cycle of life and all the unexplained nuiances that happen. It's just crazy.

Today is my 34 week bumpdate and my weekly picture.
Oh yeah...he's getting bigger in there...and so is my belly. Discomfort is becoming more and more prominent now. He has turned so he is head down (good baby, stay that way!) but his feet are in my ribs. Oye! He also seems to LOVE my right side, he hangs out there most of the time and my tummy is totally lopsided! Still feeling good for the most part, starting to have trouble getting in and out of low profile seats and couches, but for the most part still very mobile.

My cravings haven't changed much, still eating hot sauce like it's a food group and can't get enough of mexican food. Seriously, anyone else want to have tacos with me? I could eat those all day long!!! Now that the holidays are here, I'm craving more sweets and indulging in one piece of something a day. Not going overboard by binging on all the cookies, cakes, pastries and candies that follow me throughout the day. Which is good and helping to keep my weight gain to a minimum. Though there is still weight gain, partly it's me (you do gain a pound or so if you can't be active everyday), partly the baby (let's face it, he's growing and weighing more, which is good!) and partly water weight (swelling can occur and I HAVE to watch my salt intake like whoa!).

Ugh...swelling. It has begun.

I have it mostly in my lower legs, ankles and feet, not so much that it's a concern, but I notice it. So I've taken it upon myself to wear compression socks to help reduce the swelling and encourage better blood flow through those parts. Which is especially helpful to me since I stand at work most of the day, so if I wasn't wearing the socks, I would have elephant legs. So. Not. Pretty.

I now wear my Pro Compression socks almost everyday, which has encouraged me to celebrate the 10 Days of Compression that I'm doing currently to lead up to Christmas and today is no exception! Today is Day 4 and I am wearing one of my newer pairs, the Royal Blue color!

I was SO STOKED when they released this color back in July. I had been waiting for this color for so long and knew that I would need this color for a race costume. I snatched these up right quick! I did end up using them during the Disneyland Half Marathon during Labor Day weekend. It was a perfect addition to my outfit and kept my legs fresh, even though it was SUPER hot and humid. I never feel like these socks make me overheat or add to the elements if it is hot. I feel cool and compressed and ready to run.

Other than the physical changes I see happening, my appointments are going well. Pumpkin is moving SO much and we typically pass our NST tests within about 5-10 minutes. Ultrasounds are looking good and have gotten some cute pictures from it too. Overall, things are going as they should. My GD is well under control, even during these next "critical few weeks" where my insulin resistance gets worse. I swear, every time I go into the dietician's office to talk about my GD they always say that. You know what? I've been able to control it with no problems the whole time. My night time numbers are even getting lower than they were in the previous months! So as much as they tout about how they know the body will react during pregnancy, I think they are making it up as they go along. I just keep telling myself, only 6 more weeks of pricking my poor fingers.

That's what I've got for now. I'm now onto wrapping up stuff at work and enjoying the holidays. My sister is due in the next couple of weeks so I'm REALLY excited to welcome my new niece or nephew (they are waiting to find out, it will be a surprise!) into the family and work on my Aunt duties before I start my momma duties. Like I said, the holidays are a crazy time of year, add a couple of births to that as well and you have insanity! But what a great way to start the year, right?


  1. Glad you are doing well! I have been wanted to try the Pro Compression socks ( and would pick the blue ones). The brand I have now are way too big for me.

    1. Thank you! Pro Compression always has 40% off discount codes going, so it helps make them a bit more affordable. That's the only time I buy, is when I have a coupon code, I'm too thrifty to buy things at full price! :)

  2. You look so beautiful Lena! :) I'm so proud of you managing your GD. I know what you mean about swelling - it just started for me too. :( My legs and feet just look and feel huge in day I don't live in my sneakers - thankfully my husband helps out by rubbing them. Stay positive, we are almost done!! :) I've also been sneaking in some snacks - BUT ... well, okay today I was bad, I had Pizza.

    Merry Christmas, Lena!! :)