Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 5 of Compression and "The Jam" Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far, only one more day until the weekend! Woo hoo! But news flash! It is only 6 more days until Christmas!!!


I still have two more presents to buy and stocking stuffers! Oye!! When will I find the time? Maybe tomorrow. I hope tomorrow.

Today is Day 5 of my 10 Days of Compression and I am featuring one of the first pairs of Pro Compression marathon socks I ever owned. The Marathon Pink!

I was just getting into my half marathon training and getting into longer distances and was starting to notice how stiff my calves were after these runs. So I hopped onto the internet and looked up ways to help mitigate or alleviate this issue. I needed something because I have three flights of stairs to traverse when I want to enter and leave my apartment, so being able to walk without much pain is a good thing!
I came across compression socks and people talking about the different types, I got a pair of CEP and Pro Compression to see which I preferred, since they were the two most recommended brands. I tried both and fell in love with my Pro Compression socks and I haven't looked back since! The total compression you feel from your foot through the ankle and up the leg is different from any other brand I tried and I love how comfortable they are when I have them on! I felt a difference in my calves almost immediately after the first use, after that I never went without a pair for recovery!
Now with today being Thursday, it is time to share my weekly jam! I'm taking a break from my usual upbeat, uptempo tunes to bring you a special holiday edition! Since Christmas is next Wednesday (ONLY 6 DAYS AWAY!!!!) I wanted to share a festive holiday song for my jam this week since it will be post Christmas next Thursday and people don't want to hear holiday music after Christmas Day. I always found that funny, people will start listening to holiday music, decorating and getting ready for Christmas in OCTOBER, but the moment Christmas day is over people don't want to hear any holiday music or see any shred of Christmas decor. It's so weird and finicky, I've always laughed at the whole thing! Considering my tree stays up until at least New Years...if not later. HA!
Today's jam is a personal favorite of mine and a Christmas cannot go by without watching this movie at least half a dozen times. The title song has been covered by many artists over the decades since this was made popular by the movie. Also, Christmas just isn't the same without a little Bing Crosby, am I right?

This song always gets me in the festive Christmasy mood and I can't help but sing along. Also there has been talk of possible snow arriving into the Seattle area tomorrow, so a little early Christmas present of snow wouldn't be so bad. :) Hoping you and your family have a happy holiday, whatever it is you celebrate, however you celebrate and with whom you celebrate. Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love Bing Crosby! - also, I have 3 flights of stairs when leaving my condo - it's such a pain the day after long runs lol.