Monday, December 23, 2013

Momentum Monday and Days of Compression

T'was the Monday before Christmas and the house is a mess. The presents are all wrapped and under the tree, thank goodness! I'm so glad that I don't have to brave the stores for any last minute gifts and I am saying a prayer of peace and sanity for all those of you that will be braving the crowds today and tomorrow. I've got two more days of work until the holiday and then I'm off until after the New Year, WOOHOO!!! I am spending the time off after the holiday to be available just in case my sister goes into labor, she is due January 2nd! SO EXCITING!!!!
This year is going to be one of great change for the whole family and I can't wait to see every new moment that comes along. It all just makes me nervous about how I'm going to handle everything with all these new challenges. So when I saw today's Momentum Monday quote, I knew I had to use it.
I'm going to make mistakes, I'm going to do things that are different than what you would do, I will be finding my way through the maze that is parenthood and doing the best I can. It's a good reminder for myself and those around me that I will strive to do what is best for my family and your encouragement is appreciated, but leave the snarky criticism at the door, because nobody got time for that here.

::getting off my soapbox::

Now onto the recap of my 10 Days of Compression from this weekend!  It starts off with Friday, I was going to put up a blog post but work got crazy and I just couldn't make it work. So Friday was Day 6 of Compression and it featured Marathon Purple!
Did you know that the color purple was commonly associated with royalty and piety due to the rareness and expense of the dye? Roman Emperors and then Roman Catholic bishops would wear purple and was a common color for power and priviledge. I LOVE this color and the richness is so wonderful! I think that Pro Compression should rename this sock to royalty, the color is regal enough to support it, don't you think?

Saturday was Day 7 of Compression. I had to go out and brave the crowds to finish up some last minute shopping, so I knew I would need some good compression since I would be on my feet all day long! Day 7's featured sock was Marathon White! It had snowed in our area the day before and it had all melted away already, so I was missing it. I thought it would be fun to wear the white's as a way to dream of a "white Christmas".
Incidentally, when I ran the Jingle Bell 5K earlier this month, I wore these socks under my striped holiday socks. Partly for warmth and mostly for compression during the run! Totally necessary for this pregnant lady!
Sunday was Day 8 of Compression and featured the Marathon Baby Blue Argyle socks! I am such a sucker for argyle! I got this pair at the same time I got the Pink Argyle socks and these have been in my compression arsenal for about a year now. They look great and have a really tight compression! For some reason, my argyle socks tend to have more compression than the other styles, could be a fluke, not sure, but I do know that if I need a tighter compression sock that day, I go for my argyles!
Today is Day 9 of Compression, can't believe we are almost done with the countdown, and oddly enough, I still have more compression socks left that aren't in this countdown! HA! Today I feature the Marathon Yellow! When I saw this color combo pop up on their website, I loved it immediately! It's a really fabulous yellow with black accents that can go with lots of other colors. I think it will look fabulous with my purple sparkle skirt for a little purple and gold action (college colors), what do you think?
This also makes me think of the Muhammad Ali quote, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." These are the colors of the monarch butterfly and commonly of bees, so it totally fits the bill. It encourages me to attack my goals, gives encouragement during my run and helps me to fight a bit harder for what I'm after. Who knew colors could be motivating?
There is only one more day left of my 10 Days of Compression, sharing my fave socks and giving this pregnant lady some much needed compression and leg/foot love. Hope you all are ready for the holiday coming up in two days, TWO DAYS!!! Can you believe it? So crazy.
Now it's your turn: Do you use compression socks? What is your favorite brand? Are you ready for Christmas?

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