Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Days of Compression: Day 3

To follow along with my post yesterday, I am sharing Day 3 of my 10 Days of Compression!

Today is the holiday luncheon at work and I was feeling in the Christmas festive mood. Today's pair of compression socks is Marathon Red!

I got this pair fairly recently and they accompanied me on some long runs post half marathon in August. One of the benefits I really enjoy about compression socks is recovery! I use these exclusively after runs longer than 6 miles to aid in muscle recovery. I used to get nagging calf aches during my longer runs which lead me to get my first pair of compression socks. I would go on my run, then after I came home and showered, I would put a pair on and leave them on the rest of the day and night. (I've since heard that you shouldn't wear them longer than 10 hours at a time, but I've had no issues with wearing them longer, so I keep on with what I've always done.) My calf issues went away and never came back due to this change in the way I recover from long runs.

Since then, I have purchased many more pairs (as you will see soon) and have been touting the benefits to fellow running friends and spreading the good news about Pro Compression! Haven't tried compression socks yet? Now's a good time to try! Pro Compression is having a deal on ALL of their compression items, including arm and calf sleeves, low socks, marathon socks (my faves!) and their swag online. Just use the coupon code SALE to receive 40% off your order at checkout! Only valid for in-stock items and the code expires December 23rd. So now is a good time to treat yourself to some compression love, just in time for your New Year's resolutions to begin!


  1. Very festive! I wish I had a pair of compression socks for each day of the week! Someday!

    1. Thanks! My collection has grown over time. I blame my need to wear a costume or outfit during my races. I like to color coordinate whenever possible. :)