Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

Welcome to Thursday! I am off work today because I'm in Disney World!!! YAY! Can you believe it? Race weekend is finally here and I'm so excited!

Todays "jam" is a know, a two for one?  Anyway.  I'm in the Disney mood (sorry to those of you that aren't or getting OD'd with all the Disney posts I'm making) so I wanted to post a song for getting into the "magical" mood and then one for the race weekend mojo.

So todays Disney "jam" is:

This is from my FAVORITE Disney movie "Cinderella".  I have loved this movie since I first saw it and is always my "go-to" movie when I want to watch Disney.  I love singing along and reciting the lines along with the movie.  Call it childish, call it escapism, call it what you want.  I just know I feel like a kid again and enjoy the simplicity of life when I watch this and most other Disney movies.
The second "jam" for today is for my half marathon mojo.  I am running my first half marathon and it just so happens to be with thousands of "Princesses".  I'm ecstatic and can't wait to get into that corral and have a good time.  So todays mojo "jam" is:
Sure, she's immature, has questionable morals and is rumored to have drunk her own urine (seriously?).  But this song always gets my booty moving when it's on my iPod.  The lyric about glitter all over the floor is pretty much how this weekend is probably going to be.  Women getting sweat and glitter all over the place.  That didn't quite sound right...hhmmmm. 
Anyway.  This song is just a booty bumper and leg pumper.  Try it out and enjoy. 
And to all you Princesses out there running with me this weekend, let's blow the roof off this race and have a great time!

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