Monday, February 18, 2013

Momentum Monday: Run your own race

Well this morning started off with a bang!  As you know I will be running my first half marathon this weekend at the Princess Half Marathon weekend in Disney World.  Well, runDisney holds these amazing meet-ups where you can sign up to meet their official dream team consisting of trainer Jeff Galloway, dietician Tara Gidus, along with elite runners, celebrities and other special guests the Friday or Saturday of their race weekend.  It is a bloggers DREAM to be able to participate in one of these meet-ups, if not for the ability to meet AND run with this elite group of runners, but to also get tips and advice from them that you can pass on to others that maybe don't know and are just as curious as you are.  OH and also running through a theme park when it is completely empty and closed to the public sounds amazing too!
The reason today started off with a bang is, well there are two reasons, 1) I woke up at 3am (ugh) trying to get my body on east coast time so that waking up early all weekend long doesn't debilitate me and keep me from running my best. And 2) the coveted runDisney meet-up announcement posted on the Disney Parks Blog this morning.  EEEKKK!!!  The only way I found out is that I was reading my twitter feed and a fellow blogging friend tweeted that the meet-up info had posted.  I ran to my computer and sure enough, there it was!  So I sent my RSVP that very instant and I'm praying I get in, what an amazing opportunity it would be to be selected for the meet-up.
**UPDATE: Did not make the cut -off and was not invited to join the Princess Half Marathon Meet-up.  Bummer-sauce.**
I was one of the people constantly watching their blog page on Friday to get the info on the meet-up so I could sign up, but I believe they were having technical difficulties and the post wasn't able to be made.  I'm so glad that I'm plugged into social media the way I am, otherwise I might have missed my opportunity completely!
Now that I'm up and pretty alert this early on a Monday, that is also a holiday nonetheless, it is time for a little Momentum Monday love.

This one is tough and one I will battle with this weekend FOR SURE!  Being involved in any sort of sport creates competition within yourself to do better, but also with other people in hopes to improve yourself, and hopefully best someone else.  It may be conscious or unconscious, but it is there.  You could know the person really well or have never seen them before in your life, it doesn't matter, there is something that pushes and pulls us to be in competition. 

I have, since when I first started running, always said that I don't care who around me is faster or slower, I am always going to run my race.  Man, I have eaten my words so many times.  I will get into a race with blinders on and then at some point I either get pissed because I'm being passed or I gloat to myself because I was able to pick people off. 

It's tough, I'll be the first to admit it.  I'm not mean spirited in any way, but damn it if I'm not competitive.  I don't really compete with or get angry at other people, I get angry with myself on why I'm not better to be able to keep up with the persons who have passed me.  It is silly I know, because this person maybe fitter or have been an athlete all their lives and run miles and miles everyday, I can't possibly compare myself to them.  But I do, I guess it is human nature and I hate it.

So this weekend I am going to try and let it go.  To run and enjoy the moments during the race.  Take pictures with characters and not pay attention to the time clock.  Enjoy the miles as they pass by and run for the love of running and not because I'm trying to beat someone else to the finish line!

Question for you:  Do you find it difficult to be passed during a race?  Do you judge your performance based on your own past experience or how you perform against other runners?

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