Monday, February 4, 2013

Momentum Monday: Release

Hello everyone and welcome back to the work week.  Let's all have a collective groan. ::groan:: 
It's Monday and a time to look forward to all the opportunities we have this coming week to learn, grow and improve.  I know some people are working off the hangover from last nights Super Bowl.  (I wasn't rooting for any team in particular, I was doing all the cooking so I didn't even get to see the game.)  All of us are recovering from this weekend though, as it held lots of activities and events.
I find that as I get into the next week, that feelings or issues tend to carry over and interrupt the "newness" of the week; a fresh start of sorts.  The weekends activites or happenings tend to overshadow or cloud the excitement of achieving new goals or pursuing of long standing ones, if they were unsavory.
Without going into too much detail, I had a rollercoaster of a weekend.  Feelings of joy and happiness, down to sadness and downright depression.  It is tough to shake the funk off and meet the new day with optimism and look forward to a better week.
So today's Momentum Monday definitely strikes a cord with me, because I have never felt like this more than I do today.
I find that when I get really stressed out or I don't know how to understand what I'm thinking or feeling, I get the physical urge to run.  My body feels like it's humming with energy to hit the pavement.  My body vibrates like a tuning fork with the anticipation of running to release whatever energy I have wrapped up inside of me.  I try to sit and think about it, or maybe write about it in a journal, but none of that seems to relieve that anxious energy to run it out.

This is the time where I leave all my gadgets at home and I just throw on some running clothes, my sneakers and hit the road.  No Garmin.  No music.  Nothing but me and the road.  That freedom is, for lack of better terms, freeing.  I can process my thoughts and let go of any hurt or hate or betrayal or sadness that I have bottled up.  I let my body pick the pace and let it run it out.  I leave it all out on the pavement and come back with a clear mind and a better mood.  I've released everything I was holding onto consciously and subconsciously.  I may not be 100% better, but I know what direction to go in to make that happen.

Question for you:  Does running help you to release your pent up issues?  If not, what helps you to clear your mind?

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  1. So true! I used to call a girlfriend to "vent" and sometimes I would need to get it out more than once (multiple people). Now, when I get stressed or frustrated or overwhelmed I get the urge to run too. It's so wonderful to release it all and not having that toxic friendship anymore!