Monday, February 11, 2013

Momentum Monday: Support

Oh Monday...we meet again.  This weekend was blissful and far too short, how come you had to crash the party and arrive too soon?

This weekend was quite nice for me.  I got to spend a weekend day with my husband, which doesn't happen anymore and I ran my first ever 13 mile distance; my last long run before the race!

I wanted to have this Momentum Monday be about something we don't always talk about, support.  We always talk about the journey and how tough it is to put in the effort and do the work to get to your end goal.  So much focus is put on what you do, that sometimes we forget that there are those around us that do support our endeavors, however prominent or reserved it may be.

I talk very generally about support that I get, but sometimes I really do think it is important to highlight those who make the time and effort to give support during your personal endeavor.

The ladies I run with on the weekends have their own lives and their own training schedules and goals in mind.  We talk about what we are training for and give support and encouragement when we talk about our goals.
These ladies have been very instrumental in my last few long runs, by encouraging me when I'm getting to the last couple of miles of the run.  By offering up great advice and stories during our run to help distract my mind from the fatigue and pain.  These ladies also did me a great mental favor this past weekend.

When I was on my last bits of the last mile of my 13 mile run, even though they were done with their runs, they continued on with me.  Encouraging me and rooting me along the .3 miles I had left.  This made me tear up and feel so grateful.  They were helping me during my time of need, when I was hurting and needing to finish the mileage, they were there to help me along that last little bit.  It makes me smile thinking about it now.

The next big support I have in my running is my husband.  He must have thought I had lost my mind when I told him all the things I want to do and that I wanted to run a race.  Then one race turned into another, and another and another...until we are here at this point where I have a race almost every month.  I can't imagine what was going through his head when I told him I wanted to run a half marathon, but he told me that if I want to do it, that I should go out there and make it happen.  He said that I have all the ability that I need to do it, I just need to believe that I can actually do it.

He encourages me in all my endeavors, even when I think they may be slightly crazy.  He is at the races picking up swag gear and taking pictures of me while I'm pounding the pavement.  He is there to give me words of encouragement when I feel it is too much to handle.  He is also there to massage my sore and aching muscles after my long runs.  (I'm such a lucky girl with that last one!!)

He really as been the heart and soul of my support team and I love him dearly for all that he gives me and I just hope that I give him that same amount of love and support in another way to make him feel just as loved and cared for.

Question for you: Do you have someone(s) who support you that help you more than you probably realize?

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