Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of Week 7 Half Marathon training

Well it is the end of week 7 of my training and it's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday and then the end of November.  Where did this month go?  These weeks, which seemed like they would go on forever, seem to be flying by and I can't do anything but hang on and try to enjoy the ride. 

This week's training was hampered by the visit of shark week, so my runs were not as consistent as I would have liked them to be.  Let's take a look at the schedule:

Tuesday: 30 minute run/walk
Thursday: 30 minute run/walk
Friday: 6 mile long run

As I had mentioned in my previous week's training recap, I was signed up for a 5K on Saturday, so I switched my mileage from 6 miles to 3 miles to keep consistent with what my schedule had going on.

So Tuesdays run was scrapped completely, the sharks were invading and I could barely walk let along try to go on a run.  Boo hiss...I wonder if I'll ever get a Tuesday run in during my training.  So far I'm 1 for 6.

Then Thursday was much better and I went on a run with my work ladies at our usual spot.  It was a chilly one, but we bundled up and headed out on the trail.  NONE of us were feeling this run and we were all struggling to keep a good pace.  We were supposed to do intervals, but my acid reflux had flared up a few days before and I wanted to keep this run nice and even.  So we just decided to run and let our bodies decide the pace.  The three of us ended up taking the lead during the three miles and it was nice to have someone pushing the pace.  By the last mile we were pushing the pace much harder than I thought we were and finished that mile in 10:41!!  That is probably the fastest mile I've ever had and it felt AWESOME!  Needless to say, this run was a good one!

Saturday was my 5K, I was running the 1st annual Mustache Dache with a group of local Seattle blogger ladies.  It was costumes and mustaches galore and a fun time to boot!  I'll save the details for my recap in a couple of days, but just to give you a tidbit of information, it was a big day for me in my timing!  It was a fun run and I treated it as such, though knowing what my timing was, I wonder if I raced it what my time would actually be.  Hhhhmmm...guess only time will tell, considering I'm running the Jingle Bell Dash 5K in 3 weeks, (my raceiversary) we'll see how I do when I put my racing mojo to work!

So that is it for me.  This week was less than stellar, but I got out and did the work, ran my butt off and had a great time with friends, old and new!  Now the focus on this week is HUGE because Turkey Day is on Thursday, I think I may run a couple miles more on Thursday, just so I can have a big helping of stuffing! :)


  1. But most importantly you got out there and DID it! I'm sorry you weren't feeling great this week, but well done on that excellent run :-)

    1. Thanks Kate! It did feel good to get out there and moving. I'm constantly amazed at how great I feel after a run!