Monday, November 12, 2012

Momentum Monday: Give It!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday!  It was a long week last week and I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging (more to come later on that), but I am back now for today's Momentum Monday!

This past week brought on many road blocks and confidence sinkers at work and in life for me.  Lots of issues and challenges to face with waining confidence and even less energy to fight.  Regardless of what life brought me in the way of pressure, defiance and doubt, I countered with patience, understanding and strength.  You may not be at your best every single moment of your life, but how you choose to present yourself at your lowest point reveals your character.


I was not at my best with my workouts last week, but I brought it.  I may not have been at the top of my game at work last week, but I served it.  I may have let life go on the backburner a bit last week as well, but I went after it.  It may not have been my best, but I don't regret a moment of it because I gave 100% of what I had.

That is why today's Momentum Monday was something I had to share, especially now that we are heading straight into the holidays where life gets a bit more hectic, work and home life is scattered all over the calendar with parties and gatherings galore.  We need to face each day with patience, understanding and strength because each day will be different and will test your wills.  So whatever your 100% is or looks like, give it and don't hold back.  You may just be that sparkle of hope or confidence for someone else, even if you aren't feeling like you are giving it your all.

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