Thursday, September 12, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Hello!!!! Happy Thursday to you! I'm finally back to some normalcy in life this week. I've been in and out of town for the past two weeks, so I am enjoying some quality time with my bed and pillows. Vacations are always fun, but you never know what you are going to get as far as sleeping options when you go to hotels. I've been from a super comfy king size bed, to a super stiff queen sized murphy bed (that was an experience) all in the span of a week. So sleeping in my own bed with my own pillows has been BLISSFUL!!!

Wait...did I just ramble on about beds? Ugh...maybe I'm still a bit sleep deprived. HA!

Regardless, it's good to be back home and having some sort of routine back in my life. It's also good to be back blogging, I know I have taken quite the hiatus and I apologize, I was just having so much fun that time got away from me. BUT! I have tons of pictures and lots to catch you up on, so prepare for the recap craziness that will occur next week, I'm so excited to share about everything!

Now it's time for today's "jam"! This is another song from an artist I had featured on here before. The other song didn't seem to appeal to many people, but was one that I really enjoyed. So imagine my surprise when my sister, who is very worldly with her music, stopped channel surfing one day in the car to listen to this song. It's not something I would have expected her to like and was quickly made aware of how popular this song has gotten, much to my surprise and delight. So without anything further, today's "jam" is:

I really am enjoying what this artist is doing and the music he is putting out. His videos are interesting for sure, but you can't deny that beat. This song has some great highs and lows to it and is a great song to run to and listen to in general. Like I said, I had posted his previous release "Spectrum" a few months ago and people didn't seem to like that song as much as they are liking this one. So give a listen and let me know that you think! Hope you're having a great Thursday!


  1. I hear this one a lot on the radio, always makes for a more enjoyable drive.
    I totally understand about being in your own bed with your own pillows! Hotels just aren't the same. Can't wait for your recaps! :)

    1. Thanks Kim! There is definitely something to be said about sleeping in your own bed, I love it. I sleep so much better.