Monday, July 8, 2013

Momentum Monday: Reset

Another Monday and another week beginning. I typically feel hopeful about my schedule for the week on this day. I have a plan of what I'm going to do and how I'd like to accomplish it, now whether that actually happens during the week is yet to be known. Though I am hopeful I will meet my goals I've set out for the week.

I hope you all had a FABULOUS holiday weekend! I know some of you had a nice long weekend off to spend with family and friends, and there are some of you that were just like me and spent part of the holiday weekend working. Regardless, I hope you all had a time to relax, recharge and reset yourself for the coming week.

Speaking of reset, I am in the process of resetting my thinking and getting back on track of training.

Which leads me to todays Momentum Monday quote:

I've been chronicaling my struggle with getting back into the swing of training since my completion of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon last month. I'm noticing that I'm more sluggish than before and I just don't have the energy I used to have when I was running more frequently. Not to mention my clothes aren't fitting like they used to.
I've had little panic attacks thinking about how much stamina and endurance I've lost from my hiatus and whether I will get it back. I think about how long it will take me to get back to where I was and beating myself up over stopping running in the first place.
Then last night I had a dream, that felt so real and was so vivid I swore it had actually happened. I dreamt of running. The simple cadence of my legs moving, the sound of my feet on the ground, and my breath easily flowing in and out of my lungs. Those were the only sounds, otherwise it was quiet, still, peaceful. I felt so serene while running, it felt like all the worries I'd had previously about getting out and running had washed away. The world around me was a blur of colors and it was just me and the road.
I woke up with a smile on my face and my heart at ease. It reminded me that I don't need to worry about where I had been before in my training or how far I had ran during my last run, I just need to run. Get back into sync with my body and mind and let them take over. Enjoy my time on the road or wherever I'm running and just let go, everything will work itself out.


  1. Hi Lena! I hope your weekend was nice, I was working but now I'm not, so I'm in my pj's getting my "weekend" now! ;) No work tomorrow or Wednesday either, so I'm just taking my 3 day weekend a bit later than everyone else. LOL.

    I love that you dreamed of running last night! Again, we are twinkies, as I dreamed of running too (no, I swear!) and I had a moment too where I was just running and it was free and easy! BUT, unlike you, I didn't wake up happy, I kept running, got lost, couldn't find anybody, came to a 3-way end in the road and had no idea where everyone else in the race had gone. THEN I woke up! LOL...annoying! ;)

    1. Nice! Glad you are able to enjoy your weekend now! I bet it is definitely nice!

      Too funny that we both had running dreams on Sunday night. I'm hoping that my dream was a bit of an omen to help me get back into it. I brought my running stuff with me to work today to run at lunch. It is supposed to be hot today and I figure a lunchtime run would be a good idea. Sorry your dream was so weird at the end though, I've had those strange dreams, you wake up so confused!

    2. Hope you can get out for that lunchtime run Lena! You'll feel so good when you get it finished, especially since Tuesday is always your hardest day to get your run done! GO!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! *cheerleader mode* (this is why I was never a cheerleader...I suck at it. LOL)

    3. Well your cheering worked! I got out for a run on my lunch!

      It was tough at the beginning, muscles burned and my hips were stiff. But I just kept going, I didn't stop and I ran 30 minutes straight, I've never done that before. I feel amazing right now. I was smiling so big at the end of my run, I wanted to keep going!