Wednesday, July 24, 2013

End of Week 12 Double Dare Training

Wow...does that say week 12? There are only 19 weeks in the training guide, that means there are only 7 more weeks of training, well technically 6 weeks considering the week after the race is included in the training schedule as well. That means there are 6 weeks until the big race weekend. 6 weeks until I get to run through the castle at Disneyland. 6 weeks until I can hopefully get my Coast to Coast medal to top off an incredible year of running at Disney.

Less than 6 weeks, that's 37 days, until 22.4 miles.

Oh boy...let's get to the training!

Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: Walk 3 miles
Sunday: 11 mile run

So if you remember last week I wrote about how I FINALLY got out for a Tuesday run and I was so thrilled with it? Well chalk up #2 Tuesday successful run! I got out in the morning on Tuesday and knocked out my run. It was a little bit longer than 30 minutes, but I wanted to stomp the last hill I had leading back to my office. It felt GREAT! The route is peaceful and there are tons of runners out along with me, so it's just a nice time and place to be running. I was loving it!

Thursday's run was pretty much like Tuesday. I got out in the morning before work and stomped out my run. It was a bit slower than Tuesday, but I was feeling good and strong. My stride was feeling good and my breathing was on point. It was just a good run overall.

Saturday comes and I have a running date with some lovely running ladies. They had invited me to run 6 miles, which is great because I'm ramping up my mileage from not running at all. So I felt that jumping right into 11 miles was not a good idea, too many options of injury with that. So I took the 6 miles instead with the ladies. The run was good for the most part, I only felt a bit of fatigue after some hill climbs, but other than that my legs felt strong and my breathing was good. When we were about 1/3 mile away from the finish, I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my afterburners kicked on and my speed picked up and strides got a bit longer. I could hear that I was leaving the ladies in the dust behind me, I'm not sure why I did that, but I guess I was working on my "finishing strong for races" stride. :)  I made no conscious decision to pick up the pace at that time, but I ended up doing it and felt good when I finished.

The crazy thing about my running on Saturday, is that I had no leg pain or stiffness later on Saturday or on Sunday. My legs felt good, almost fresh, like I could go for another 6 miles without much refuting from my legs or hips. This is a GOOD sign! I'm guessing the consistency in running during the week is helping to condition my legs and I'm LOVING it!

Sunday, well yeah, I didn't run. I probably could have as my legs were feeling good enough to do so, not to mention I had completely forgotten this was a back to back running weekend (d'oh!). So from now on until race weekend, every weekend will have back to back running days. I have to condition them somehow, might as well start now. A little late, even.

Well that is my training for this week and I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of Disneyland Half Marathon weekend! I can't wait for this! It will be a grueling weekend of running, no doubt, but it will also be a fun whirlwind trip of seeing my running buddies from around the country. These weekends are always a treat and always end far too soon. But until then, I'll just keep training along and getting ready for the Dumbo Double Dare!

Now it's your turn: How is your training going? Anyone else joining me for the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare challenge?


  1. I'm not doing the double date challenge, but I am training for two half marathons, one of which is the Disney Wine & Dine in November. I'm excited to be doing an evening race. I'm glad I read your post this morning because I wasn't feeling up to doing my 6 miles for the day, but now I feel motivated to get to work. :)

    1. That is so awesome! I'm glad I could help provide a bit of motivation for you!

      I want to do the Wine & Dine SO bad! I'm hoping to be able to make it out there next November, but we'll see if I can make the finances happen. Evening races can be tricky, just make sure you do some runs during that time of the day so you can get your body climatized. I didn't do that with an evening race of mine and it was one of my worst races to date. :(

  2. I'll be there in spirit! :) My training is going well, although I'm dying to start an actual "plan". My Princess training won't actually start until the last week of October, which seems like an eternity! I've just been running 4x a week, some speed, some longer 5-6 miles thrown in every other week and some races to keep me excited and motivated. But I really just want October to arrive! LOL

    1. I really wish you were going to be there, that would be AWESOME!!!

      I can understand about needing to start a training plan and you can start ramping up for it now. Start increasing your mileage now so that when you get to your training, it will be much easier and that way you can account for weather issues that interrupt your training schedule.

      I would say you could increase your mileage to get up to 7 or even 8 miles by the time October comes around and your plan actually starts. That way you have a nice solid mileage base and when you start getting into the double digit miles, it won't be such a shock to your system because some of the mileage does jump around.

    2. Thanks Lena! I did 6.2 yesterday and seem to get up to that every other week or so. 7 is the highest I've done, that was back in May. I think if I could get to where a 6-8 was my long run every week by October, that would be a good base!

  3. Nice job running on both Tuesday and Thursday! I agree that ramping up your mileage too fast isn't a good idea. With only 6 weeks left, better to be safe than sorry. I'll be there at Dumbo! Can't wait to meet you. :) My training is just meh. I really need to kick things into gear. :)

    1. Thanks Kim! I felt great having done all my training as scheduled and my long run turned out way better than anticipated, so I was pleased!

      I can't wait to meet you at Dumbo either! This will be a great race trip! With 6 weeks left, there is not much left to do but follow the training schedule and grind it out. You know what you need to do, now it's just time to do it. We have no more excuses!

  4. I am so proud of you for getting runs in AND am thriled they were great runs, no less. If you're going to jump into back to back runs every weekend between now and DDD you might want to start with a walk on Day1 and your run on Day 2. This way you'll still be getting your full mileage in that Galloway recommends, but it wont be such a shock to your system.

    I can tell my training is working too by less recovery time needed after runs. It's so refreshing when I wake up NOT feeling like I was hit by a Mack Truck in my sleep. ;)

  5. Thanks! Good advice on back to back runs. I'm wanting to catch up, but worried about getting left behind in my training. But what you say makes sense.

    That is great news about your training too! It really is nice to not have long recovery times after a longer run, it really is refreshing!

  6. YAY! This is such a happy post. So glad that your body is like "hey you got this girl". So awesome. Waiting for my body to get there. I need to get better about being consistent with running. I'm trying to get back on track but I'm moving in two weeks so life has been crazy. Random question, what shorts do you wear when running? I'm having the hardest time finding shorts that won't roll up while running. I wish I were back in Oregon where i could just wear leggings and not be too hot, lol.
    Keep up the fantastic work and inspiration!

    1. Thanks Heather! I am finding that with consistency, my runs get less difficult to stomp out. Not easier by any means, but not as difficult when your body is used to the movement.

      You will get there with your training, it just takes time and sticking to your schedule. It's so hard with our packed days, but finding even 30 minutes to run has helped me immensely!

      As for shorts, really like Brooks. They have a plastic lining at the bottom of the short that helps it from riding up. I use those shorts almost exclusively. I have a pair of Nike 2-in-1 track shorts that are decent as well.