Wednesday, July 3, 2013

End of Week 9 Double Dare Training

It's Wednesday already and kind of a Friday feel with the holiday tomorrow. The weather is nice, people are chatty and talking excitedly about their plans for this holiday weekend. Most of my office is out for the long weekend, I however, will be back in the office on Friday to take care of business. Oh well, who needs a 4 day weekend anyway, right?

Today is my update on my training for the Dumbo Double Dare next month.  Wait...did I just say next month? You mean it's almost here!?!? Oh crap.

Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize

My training for this past week consisted of:
Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 4 mile run
Tuesday's run didn't happen, I was resting and recovering from the Rock and Roll Half that weekend, so I took that day off.
Thursday's run didn't happen because, well, it was HOT! I wasn't prepared for how hot it was going to get and I just couldn't fathom running in the hot, high sun afternoon heat.
Then Saturday came.  The morning was gloriously cool and a little bit of cloud coverage made it perfect for a early morning run. I was up and making plans to head out when I heard my sick hubby. I needed to tend to him and running became an after thought. We also had a packed day full of errands and a gathering that went late into the night. We got home and were exhausted. So exhausted that I slept until the early afternoon, voiding any possibility to get a run in that morning.
Needless to say, this week was a total loss for me when it came to my training. I didn't even log one mile. I was pretty upset with myself (see: Monday). It's a growing time right? To test myself and push my comfort zone, even if it means getting my butt out running in this heat.  Ugh.
So that's my training, or rather lack thereof. Not pretty, but it is what it is. It's done, it's over and all I can do is learn from it.
Now it's your turn: How is your training going? How do you encourage yourself after a running "slump"?


  1. "To test myself and push my comfort zone, even if it means getting my butt out running in this heat."

    Yep! You already have it figured out!

    To be honest, I haven't had a running slump yet. I was injured, but that didn't count, it just made me want to run more. I have read a LOT about them though and they seem pretty common. Rey even asked if I might be really let down after the Princess, after training so long for it, and I am trying to prepare myself for that! I think you just have to go through the motions and make yourself do it until you get out of the slump...fake it till ya make it! I'll be thinking of you this weekend as we both work! ;)

    1. I may have it figured out, but putting it into motion is a whole different animal!

      Slumps are common, but I've got such a big goal ahead of me that I need to make it work. Fake it till ya make it...couldn't have said it better myself!

      I'll be thinking of you working this weekend too. :)

  2. NEXT MONTH?!!!! *cue freakout* I'm trying to plow through my slump right now. So far, so good. That dwindling number on my countdown is my motivation! :)

    1. I know, right!?!?

      I'm glad that the countdown is good motivation for you. I put my tip jar away because we had company, I need to get that sucker out and have some motivation myself. I'm thinking early alarm tomorrow morning to get a run in.