Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of Week 13 Double Dare Training and Race Info!

It's Wednesday and...wait, it's Wednesday? When did that happen? I mean I don't mind the week going quickly, but that means the race weekend is that much closer! How much closer? 26 days! Holy cow!

Let's talk training!

Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 4 miles with Magic Mile

Let's start with Tuesday. I've been riding the wave of getting out for my runs on Tuesdays and LOVING it. However when I woke up this past Tuesday, my hips and lower back were quite angry with me. If being laid up for a month and a half with hip and back pain has taught me anything, it's to not push it when there is discomfort or pain for risk of further injury. I am not able to run without my hips and back being in working order and not in pain. So in order to not make the situation worse, I took the day off from running and let my hips and back relax and workout whatever kinks were in there.

Thursday was much better. After letting my hips and back rest on Tuesday, I was ready to get out there and pound some pavement. It was a beautiful morning along the waterfront, sunny and cool, perfect for running. It was a nice and peaceful run, no issues and was a good fluid run. I felt so good afterwards, I wanted to go out and do it again!

Saturday came and I was meeting some lovely ladies to go running at Alki. Everyone was doing 6, but I needed to do 8. I know the schedule said that I only needed to do 4, but I'm working on increasing mileage so I chose to go for 8 instead. The day was PERFECT for a long run, overcast and still a bit warm with a nice cool breeze coming off the water to cool you down. It was FANTASTIC! There were tons of people along the trail and lots of good conversation to help the miles tick by. But I'm not going to lie to you, it was getting tiring for me. I wasn't in pain or anything, it was just plain old fatigue. When we got to 6 miles and my partner left me to finish out my run, I really had to zone out to get my last two miles. Again it wasn't pain or discomfort, it was just fatigue, my muscles were just tired from the get go.

But I did it, I stomped out 8 miles and other than the fatigue, I was feeling good. My muscles were remembering that they had been able to run this distance in the past and did so without too much fighting back. By the time I finished the sun was out in full and it was getting quite warm. I really don't mind getting up early on my days off if only to get these long runs done early so I don't have to run in the full on sunshine and heat!

So that's how my training went, a bit bummed because I couldn't get out on Tuesday for a run, but better safe than sorry, right? Training is a tough balance between getting the mileage under your belt and keeping yourself from getting injured in the process because the whole goal is to be ready for that race!

Speaking of the race, there has been TONS of information that has been released for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. runDisney usually starts sending out race information about a month before the race weekend, so with this past weekend being about a month away, people were starting to get a bit twitchy and impatient. Waivers and bib numbers were released this weekend which just started the flurry of excitement and anticipation for more information that would be coming soon! If you missed the waiver information, here is the link!

Waivers and bib numbers

On Monday, to make things even better, the official program and courses showed up on the website. This made all the boards and Twitter go crazy! People talking excitedly about how the courses were laid out and the fact that the 5K course was different from the previous course. It was also a sigh of relief for those of us runners that are running the 5K AND the 10K back-to-back, to see that the course start's and finishes were in the same place and not far from each other. If you missed the program and courses, please find the links below.

Official Race Program

5K and 10K courses

Half Marathon Course

Then the icing on the cake came yesterday with the release of the long awaited corral information. People have had their bib numbers for a couple of days and there was much speculation of where the numbers would fall in the corrals. So when the information was released there was a mix of joy and disappointment, fueled with people vowing to get their corral changed at the expo with proof of times. If you missed the corral information, see the breakdown in the links below.

10K Corral Assignments

Half Marathon Corral Assignments

Dumbo Double Dare Corral Assignments

There has been questions about where the Dumbo participants will line up for the 10K and the official word is that your corral assignment is for both the 10K and the Half. So if your DDD corral assignment is E, then you are also in corral E for the 10K as well. Easy to remember, right?
Another release yesterday was the final instructions for each of the races, I have included the link below.

Final Race Instructions

Also, for all of those playing along, they have included next years race date information for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend 2014. So for those of you that are DVC members and are planning on attending the Disneyland Half next year, keep those dates handy for when you can book as the units reserve up FAST!

So much good information in just a few days, how can you NOT be excited for race weekend to be here? It's only five weeks away and the time will Dumbo! The excitement is spreading and the anticipation is palpable. What else is there to look forward to now that all the information has been released? The Meet-up...but I'll save that for another post!

Now it's your turn: Have you runDisney before? If so, then you know that the last month is full of the sweet agony of waiting and anticipation. What is your favorite part leading up to the race weekend? 


  1. I'm so glad you posted an update about the Disney stuff! It's making me more excited about the Wine & Dine!

    Plus, I assume the corral assignments will be similar for my race and I'll have to figure out if I need a corral change. I'm running another half marathon in September and my goal time according to training is 1:52- 1:54 but Disney currently has me at a 2:06 expected finish, which I already achieved in Junr and have gotten faster. So much to figure out and think about!

    I wish you were going to the Wine & Dine because I so am enjoying reading your journey to your own races. You're brave to be taking on the DDD!

    1. Thank you, but I think you're brave for running the Wine & Dine! The last night race I had was no good at all, so I'm now a bit leary about night races, even though I REALLY want to run this race. :) It is on my bucket list for sure, maybe next year?

      I LOVE the anticipation that builds before a runDisney race, they surely do know how to get people talking and buzzing about the events for that weekend! The corrals may be similar, so I would use the DL ones as a guide. Also remember that the DL half is the last race you can change your corral at the expo, all other races you will have to submit you POT by a certain date before the race.

  2. So excited!!!! Can't believe we're so close!

    1. Me too! It's so exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

  3. Yay!!! It's going to be amazing! :) I love to read all the race info (final race instructions, official race program, etc). :)

    1. Me too! I find myself combing over it and getting as much information as I can. It just adds to the anticipation of the race!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen! I can't believe how close and far away it all is!!

  5. YAY! I'm super excited for DL, too. Glad you had such a great run. And I know exactly what you mean about balancing those longer runs/more intense training with not getting injured...that is BY FAR my biggest fear when I'm gearing up for a runDisney race (or any race, really)!

    1. Well especially this one where you are expecting to run in your best form two days in a row in warm weather. Luckily, it is all flat, unfortunately, there is no shaded areas. :( I'm just hoping to get through the first day without too much strain and then keep a good pace for the 1/2.