Thursday, June 27, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

Hello Thursday and so lovely to see you again! Tomorrow I'm off from work and the thought of sleeping in sounds completely blissful! Three day weekend FTW!

Today I get to share another "jam" that I rock out to on my iPod while I'm running and in the car driving. I actually heard this song for the first time last summer just before it was all over the airwaves. I was on a friends boat cruising around Lake Union (tough life, right?) and the friend heard this come on the radio and blared the song. I was enjoying it because it had a great beat and catchy hook, I was just surprised because this wasn't the kind of song I would think he would like. Regardless, this song has hung onto the airwaves and is still being played with some frequency still.

So today I present the "jam":

At first I resisted liking this song because well, let's face it, the airwaves were saturated by this song. But the more and more I listened, the more and more I would let it play on my radio and it eventually made its way to my iPod. Like I said it's got a great beat and catchy hook, so it's easy to run to, dance to and in general, groove to.  Enjoy the music and have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I don't know what it is about Pitbull, but his voice is so dang smooth! It just purrs into my ears as I'm running along and I cannot help but smile and keep up my pace. (Great minds think alike!)

    1. See, I told you! Great minds do think alike! I wasn't a fan of Pitbull's at the beginning, but he's growing on me...kinda like Flo Rida. Damn catchy beats!!!

  2. Another good one! When I'm feeling tired towards the end of a run, I switch to the "dance" station on Pandora and this plays regularly. :)