Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of Week 7 Double Dare Training!

Another week down and another week closer to the race! Two races actually! I have my next half marathon on Saturday with running the Rock and Roll Seattle race. Should be a fun time, but has definitely forced me to make some adjustments to my training schedule.  So my training schedule for this past week was:
Tuesday: Run 30 minutes
Thursday: Run 30 minutes
Saturday: Run 3 miles

Sometimes it's nice to remind yourself
what all the work is for.

My Tuesday training went like the majority of my Tuesday trainings, meaning it didn't happen. I don't remember why I didn't run on Tuesday, but there was a reason. At least I think there was. I need to get better at running on my Tuesday training runs, any suggestions? I'm desperate here!
My Thursday training consisted of hill training. The upcoming half marathon is along the streets of Seattle, which if you have ever visited here know that we have a lot of hills! There are going to be at least three long gradual grades/hills during the course and I wanted to get some hills in to prep for it. My friends Danielle, Erica and I decided to run up Stone Way, a nice mile long gradual hill. It doesn't look too bad going down, but when you turn around and look up the street, it can feel a bit daunting!
We got through the 3.5 mile run in around 37 minutes, so not too bad considering we were hill climbing for the second half of the run. A nice steady pace is what I was working towards and not stopping at all up the hill. We had to pause for just a moment half way up the hill because we had to wait for the light to change at the intersection. But otherwise, we made it the entire way. I was going to suggest that we turn back around and do it again, but I think I would have gotten pummeled by the ladies. Maybe I'm a bit weird, but I enjoyed pushing the limits that the run provided. Perhaps next time.
My Saturday training was definitely not 3 miles. It was my taper long run before my half the next weekend, so I wanted to get some miles under my belt, but not too few. In yesterday's post I recapped the race that I ran for my mileage this past Saturday. It was two pronged, I got my 6 miles I needed for tapering and I got my 10K time to submit for corral placement for the Double Dare! It was a good race and I felt like I put in a good effort and got the miles I needed. Though I was definitely concerned about my ability to do twice that distance coming up this weekend. I guess time will only tell how it goes.
Regardless, I know two things coming into the half this weekend; I need to drink water at ALL the water stops, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I can't stress that enough for myself this coming weekend, I felt it in my last long run how not having enough water effects your running! Second, I need to start fueling earlier! I felt great and didn't think I should fuel just yet, but when I finally started feeling like I needed fuel, it was too late and the fuel I had did nothing to help me out! And okay there are three things actually, third is to HAVE FUN! These runs are a culmination of all your training and hard work, try to at least enjoy the destination that your journey has brought you to!
So that's it for my training this week! I was serious about the suggestions on how to get my butt in gear for my Tuesday runs! Send me suggestions!
Now it's your turn! How is your training going? Have you encountered any issues? Injuries?


  1. My only suggestion would be to lay out your running clothes the night before, set an early alarm, and hope that the clothes will guilt trip you into running. haha. I'm bad at sticking to my weekday runs though. :)
    Dumbo training is going pretty well. I'm doing my 2nd back to back run next week (4 miles/9 miles). I developed this weird shooting pain on the inside of my ankle though. I think it's from running on uneven pavement. I'm hoping it'll subside soon.

    1. That may work if I was able to run in the mornings, but since I'm at work at 6am, early morning runs are almost near impossible. I just need to make that day a lunch time run, get back into that routine again.

      YAY! GO KIM! I'm nervous about the back to back runs, but hope to start working on those in two weeks when it's back on the schedule. I want to work up to the full amount of miles for both days before I have to do them at the race.

      Sorry to hear about your ankle! Do you use compression socks at all?

    2. You'd be running in the pitch black if you tried to run before work! ;) A lunch run sounds great. I always push off a run when I schedule it after work.
      When are you planning to run the full back to back? I have a 6/12 miler planned for 3 weeks before the big race. I'm kinda paranoid about hurting myself. haha
      I have compression socks, but I only wear them once a week on my cold morning long runs. I guess I think of them more as leg warmers. ;) Do you think they would help on my shorter runs?

    3. Exactly! That's why I'm thinking a lunch run might be my best bet.

      The training schedule doesn't call for another back to back run until two weeks from this weekend. I know there is one scheduled for this weekend, but I'm not doing it because of the race. You should be fine doing that before the race, gives you plenty of time to rest.

      As for compression socks, you never know unless you try! I usually wear them for all my long runs, which is basically anything over 5 miles. However I have used them during shorter runs when I've felt like my calves, shins or ankles need that little extra support.

  2. I don't know, is it that Tuesday is just a bad day? Do you need to change your days? My training is slowed down a bit after my 10K, which is fine b/c I was getting some ITBand pain in my left leg, so I'm trying to keep my mileage around 3-4 miles and not push it for a bit. I don't have to really amp up my miles yet for my next 10K or the half for a bit, I just want to get strong and make sure I have a good base of running before I start adding tons of miles.

    1. That's good to dial it back a bit after training for a race like that. You can evaluate how you did your training before and make adjustments accordingly!

      Getting a good solid base before you add miles is crucial to aid in keeping healthy and injury free!