Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of Week 6 Double Dare Training!

So I bet you are wondering where the first 5 weeks updates are?  Well, to sum it up pretty succinctly, I didn't run too much. I barely got through my long runs and rarely ran during the week. I was pretty unhappy with my training, so I decided to not agonize over it, but rather start "fresh" with this week.

I have also changed my header to read "Double Dare Training" because I'm training for more than just a half marathon. I am training towards running, essentially, a double header. The Dumbo Double Dare is a challenge being held during Disneyland's Half Marathon weekend in August. The DDD challenge is to run the 10k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday. So that is a total of 19.3 miles over two days, however I'm upping the ante by throwing in the 5k on top of that on Saturday, bringing my mileage total up to 22.4. That is a hefty amount of miles over two days for someone who has only ran, at the most, 13.1 miles in a single run.

So this weeks training is as such below:

Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 6.5 miles w/ Magic Mile

Tuesday's run didn't happen. I was exhausted. No excuse, I know, but I just couldn't get my butt in gear.
Thursday's run was longer than 30 minutes and was hill training. I am also running a half marathon in Seattle on June 22nd and if you've ever run in Seattle, you know there are no shortage of hills! So this was a two prong training run, my DDD time run and working on my hills for Rock and Roll Seattle.

Saturday's run was actually held on Sunday. I had a mother-daughter day with my mom and sister that lasted all day, so I just was not able to get my run in. So Sunday it would be!

My usual before picture. I had 11 miles scheduled for this run. It originally had been 12 miles scheduled, but my 10 miler that was supposed to happen the weekend before didn't happen. So in an effort not to over extend and possibly injure myself, I cut it down to 11. This would be my last long run before the Rock and Roll Seattle half marathon next weekend.  Eeeekkk! It's next weekend!  AAHH!!
I had my fuel with me and water belt full, it was ready to go. It was sunny and warm, this was going to be a long run in the sun! I took the pace much slower than I usually run because this was the first time I had run this far since February and I didn't want to be too tired too soon.
The first few miles...felt GOOD! I was full of energy, my legs felt great, my strides were a nice even pace and the scenery was beautiful! I trucked along, lost in my thoughts and the time...and I started my fueling too late. I had taken ENERGYbits as my main fuel before starting and it had lasted me quite some time, so I didn't think I would need more fuel until towards the end for that last punch of energy to get me through.
Apparently, I was wrong.
About an hour and 50 minutes into the run, I was lagging, badly. The starts and stops were tougher and the run itself was tougher in general. I started fueling at that time, but I think it was too late, I couldn't play catchup.  Not only that, but it was hot out and I don't think I was drinking enough water. I searched desperately for water fountains to fill up my quickly emptying water bottles. Once I got some fresh water and filled up my bottles, it felt a bit better, I think that might have been my main culprit.
I got to the end of my mileage and I was still about .5 miles from the car, but I couldn't run it. I was just too tired and fatigue had set into my hips and legs. I was in pain! But I did it, I got my 11 miles.
My time is a lot slower than I had hoped, considering I still have two more miles to go to complete the race distance. However I know that on race day I will be a bit faster than my training runs. I was going for distance right now, not time. 
I'm still learning with each run I do about limitations and things to be aware of. I haven't done much training in hot weather, so I need to be more diligent with my water intake and be aware of my electrolytes! I just need to be more prepared instead of expecting my body to give me cues all the time, like with my fueling. I should have started my fueling earlier and been more diligent with that as well. Just more things to think about and consider as the summer training continues to the Double Dare.
Now it's your turn: Are there mental adjustments you make when training in different seasons?


  1. Great job! I can't wait to hear about the Seattle RnR :) I sometimes doubt myself while I'm doing my long runs, so I have to shut that voice out in my head and then I get more focused :) You're doing great! Can't wait to see you in about 2 months!!

    1. Thanks Jen! I'm excited to RnR Seattle! It was so much fun last year just as a volunteer, so I'm looking forward to the challenge as a runner this year!
      Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  2. I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear about your Seattle half! Nice job on the 11 miles. I'm unsure of how the seasons effect me, I wasn't running this much mileage last year so I don't know. It was pretty muggy this morning but it didn't seem to make a difference, it seems like the breeze in my face from running (and the plethora of sweat...I sweat gallons!) seems to keep me going pretty well in warm weather. I run EARLY in the morning though, so no blazing hot sun on me.

    1. Me too! I wasn't running this type of mileage last year so I really don't know how to prepare. I adjusted my running when I ran the PHM this year because temps and humidity was so high, I had never run in weather like that before and I hydrated WAY more than I usually do.
      I normally do try to run early, but with temps starting to climb like they are, I'm going to have to start earlier. Or just use it as hot weather training to get me ready for Dumbo in LA! :)

  3. Great job on getting the run done! Sun is my worst enemy. :/ I change a lot of things for different seasons- even different times of day. During the winter or cold cloudy weather, I don't bring as much water or fuel and I also push myself harder. If it's warm or sunny, I take it slower and go for just the distance. I also drink more water and fuel earlier. If my last meal was over an hour before the run, I fuel earlier, too.

    1. Thanks Kim! Those are all great suggestions, I'm gonna have to try some of those out. I did know that I felt better once I got more fluids in me, so I know now that I can't rely on just what's in my bottles during a long hot run.

    2. Hydration is really key in heat. I almost passed out from heat exhaustion at my first DL 1/2. :/ On another note, in your training, are you planning to run further than 13.1 miles? I know Dumbo is technically 19.3 (of course you have that 5k, too!), but since it's over two days, I'm thinking I won't need to run anything longer than 13 miles during training. Thoughts?

    3. Oh no! That is terrible! I'm glad nothing bad happened!

      As for my training, I don't think I'll run more than 13, I will try and run 13 a couple of times so that I can get more comfortable with the distance. But I don't feel it is necessary to run further than that distance.

  4. I am actually using the current Runner's World Run Streak to A) Help me train more outside (rolling hills & HOTlanta) B. Train Brewer to run with me on a leash AND try to wear him the F o-u-t! It's weird, I'm finally starting to feel more like a runner lately. Not sure why yet, but there's a different sensation to running outside than on a treadmill in a controlled environment. I'm still unsure about how my long runs will play out outside, so I still have a lot to figure out!

    1. Hahah...I laughed at the Brewer comment! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling different about your running. I was never a fan of running on a treadmill, I know and understand the importance of it for people who live in inclement weather. I have just been lucky in where I live that my seasons are mild enough to be able to run regardless.
      I'm looking forward to that feeling again, that I'm a runner. It's been a while since I've felt that. Though I'm glad you're feeling it, because lady, you certainly, without a doubt, a badass runner.

  5. I can relate to having a hard time running in the hotter weather. I can also relate to not getting out there and actually doing it when I'm supposed to. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more about your DDD training and the RnR Seattle.