Thursday, June 6, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday - What is blowing up my iPod

Hello Thursday and why are you so brutal? Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night? I was tossing and turning all night and could not stay asleep to save my life. I blame the greek food I had for dinner. The hummus had SO MUCH garlic in it that it actually burned my palate as I ate it. No bueno.

Yesterday I went for a run for National Running Day at Greenlake with about a hundred other people. It was sponsored by Brooks Running, Road Runner Sports and Rock and Roll Race Series. We ran the lake and had a prize drawing, as well as a photo booth. Didn't get to take a picture with the crazy gear they brought!

Brooks was also there with Glycerin 11's for people to "test run". You signed out a pair of shoes and got to run with them around the lake! Pretty cool concept to have the ability to test out how a shoe will perform on a run longer than down the block (distance you usually get at shoe stores). I wanted to try a pair of the Glycerin 11's (especially that awesome blue color, I die!) but they were all out of my shoe size so I couldn't take them for a run. I wear a VERY common size it seems, 9.5, Brooks shoes are almost always out of my size when I go shopping.

The run itself was...well, brutal. You know those days where your body just fights with you every step of the way and every stride is torture? Yeah, that was me yesterday. I fought for every single step of those three miles and while I was cursing (under my breath) the whole way, I felt good afterwards for not giving up and giving in to walking the lake. I stuck with it and ran the whole way. I just hope my next runs are better than this one! Get the bad ones out of the way, right?

So today is Thursday right? Time to share a "jam" for the week and maybe add another tune to your playlists.  This "jam" has been out for a while, but I still dance and move to this song when it comes on the radio or my headphones when running. I try to sing along, but my breathy version just doesn't do it justice. She's a Brit and considered controversial in some aspects, but regardless, she can deliver some good beats!  Today's "jam" is:

This song is just fun to run to and to dance to as well. The beat is great and keeps you uptempo the whole song through. I like to have this on my playlist to help me out when I need some umph in my stride. Hope you enjoy and Happy Thursday!
Now it's your turn: Have you ever had those runs where you are fighting for every step? Do you finish the run, or give in?


  1. What a cool idea Brooks has! I would totally do that...but I bet you ANYTHING they wouldn't have my size! 11 1/2! No one ever has my size, I have to order them online.

    Totally had those runs, I swear my legs feel like lead. I have to wonder WHY? I mean, I know you can't have fantastic runs all the time, but the difference between one and the next can be really crazy. I wonder if it's a fueling thing. Yesterday I had a fantastic 4 mile run and I thought it might be because I have been eating more carby stuff lately...but maybe that's just my mind wanting to be able to eat more carby stuff! LOL!

    1. Shoe shopping is always so tough, never enough sizes! What brand do you run in?

      I'm not sure what happened with my run either. I know I was feeling tired all day, so I was quite sluggish and that could have been a factor. We all have bad runs now and again, I'm glad I got this one out of the way and hope I took the bullet now instead of during my half in two weeks!

      Oh and YAY for carby stuff!! :)

    2. If I keep having all this carby stuff, I'm going to undo all the good I have gotten out of running. Ack! I think I'm stressing about money and the race a bit much.

      I wear Brooks Pureflows, but the originals, not the 2's. Not sure what I'm going to do after I wear these out, I have heard the PF2's aren't the same at all.

  2. Love this JessieJ song! I have heard bits of it hear and there and seriously thought it was an 80s remix! Now that I know what it is, it will be going on my running mix.

    Of course I have those fighting runs! Isn't there a saying that the bad runs make the good so much sweeter or something? Either way, that is NOT what I am thinking during the bad run. ;)

  3. Great song! I definitely have those dragging run days (more so lately) and sometimes I push through them, but others I cut my run short. I think it really depends on how far away I am from my house/car. lol.
    That's really cool what Brooks did! I love my Brooks Adrenaline GTSs and I'm going to be sad when I have to find a new pair of shoes.