Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday and March 1st!

Wow, it is March 1st.  Wasn't it just New Year's Eve like a few weeks ago?  The time is going so quickly it is seriously blowing my mind!

Yesterday was my first run since the Princess 1/2 marathon on Sunday and it was a mixed bag.  I participated in the St. Pat's Dash Training Run hosted by Brooks.  The training run is around Greenlake and ends at Super Jock n Jill, where there were snacks and hydration provided by Nuun (my fave!) and they raffled off great prizes! They hold this event during the three Thursdays prior to the St. Pat's Dash and if you attend all three runs you get a special custom shirt from Brooks.  Pretty snazzy!

So yesterday had been cold and rainy, so I had a feeling we would be running in the rain as well.  No biggie, it happens.  Well luckily the rain held off, but it was quite dark when we headed out at 6:30 for the quick 3 mile run. 

Now last year my friends and I ran these training runs and we barely made it back in time for the raffle, which they start about 40 minutes after the run began.  We would get in around 45-47 minutes, so needless to say, we were bringing up the rear.  Well this run was no exception, we were still bringing up the rear (most runners around here are so fast, I feel quite inadequate when it comes to speed!) but this time it was different.  The raffle hadn't started yet, we had run pretty hard (read: I was dying!), and the clock at the store read 7:05.  Wait, what?  Did I just make that run in 35 minutes?  A distance just short of a 5K in 35 minutes?!?! 


I felt good, oh so good about the run and my time!  Especially coming off the heels of a half marathon this past weekend.  I didn't think I would bounce back this quickly and to best my time from last year by almost 12 minutes!  That's a HUGE step and big show of progress in just this past year.  It was so encouraging and I'm still smiling about it today.  I may not have won anything from the raffle, but I got the best reward ever, proof that my training is doing me well and that I can and will improve!

Coming from that high last night, I opened my email this morning and saw my favorite beginning of the month email!  Pro Compression just released their SOM (sock of the month) and just in time for St. Patrick's Day!  See below the awesomely cute socks they are offering for a really great deal of 40% off!!  If you know me well, you will know I <heart> Pro Compression socks, I never go on a long run without them.  I will confess, I have 7 pairs of marathon socks and one pair of calf sleeves, that is how much I love them!

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Even if you don't get any of these socks, take a look at their website, they may have a color or style that catches your eye and suits your fancy. 

Hope your Friday is great and that you have wonderful plans for this weekend.  As for me, I'm back to training and it is 6 miles on the schedule for me.  I may have just finished my first half marathon, but that doesn't mean I need to rest completely, I don't want to lose the mileage I've worked so hard to build up.  So a nice and easy 6 miles for Saturday it is for me.  Hahahaha...I'm laughing at the "nice and easy 6 miles" comment, whew...that made me laugh.  To think back when one mile was a battle, now I can do a "nice and easy 6 miles".  HA!  Have a great weekend.


  1. I am so proud of you! I completely understand the feeling of being a slower runner, but seeing improvement is so rewarding. Enjoy your 6mi this weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Jill! The run was good, not great, but I did it!

  2. That's a FANTAAASTIC 3miles!!

    I have been obsessed with PC socks. Ahh-mazing!

    1. Thank you!

      I LOVE my PC socks and I have to keep myself from amassing a huge inventory. So easy to do so!