Monday, December 31, 2012

Momentum Monday: A New Year

The beginning of each year always seems to hold so much hope.  People gather and talk about their resolutions for the upcoming year with such confidence and resolve.  "I will quit smoking this year!"  "I will finally drop those 15 pounds!"  "I will find the love of my life this year!"  "I will get pregnant this year!"  (I personally don't make resolutions, I make goals, because people tend to laugh off the inability to keep ones resolution, but would support that persons commitment to a goal.)

These and many more resolutions are proclaimed every New Year's Eve, without even a thought as to how you will accomplish this resolution you now have your heart set on.  Many of these resolutions you have absolutely no control over.  You can't determine that you will find the love of your life this next year and settle down, unless you have someone in mind already.  You also can't say for certainty that you will get pregnant within a certain timeframe either, the body is a very mysterious thing and doesn't always do what you will it to do.

The other things, quiting smoking or losing weight, or getting healthier in general, is attainable.  But it's going to take work.  Just saying that you are going to do something doesn't make it so.  If that were true I'd be a billionaire and Victoria's Secret model, but I don't see that happening. :)

So today's Momentum Monday is true for your New Year's resolutions (or goals) AND for life in general:

Tomorrow marks the first day of 2013.  A fresh new start of a year for all. 

A time to make the baby steps of changing old bad habits, by replacing them with new healtier habits.  Investing a little extra time to plan and shop for healthy meals for the week, to pack workout clothes and have them ready to grab in the morning on your way out the door, to allow yourself to try new things that will help keep you on track (even if that means donating half the contents of your pantry so you don't derail your progress.)

A time to change your view of yourself, by first and foremost supporting and loving YOURSELF!  We find it far too easy to put ourselves down to safeguard us from others doing it, but never realize that we are the only ones putting us down.  Self-deprication does not help you to succeed in your endeavors.  Having faith in and love for yourself is the only way you can break that cycle and feel better about all your successes, big and small!

A time to open yourself to the possibilities of all the things you hope for.  Whether it be finding that special someone or starting that family with your spouse, you have to be open to all the possibilities that this pursuit will bring, however joyful or painful it may be.  These are life's lessons that have no rhyme or reason, but are there to test you and your resolve.  Keeping an open heart will allow you to embrace the experience and learn the lessons that will make you stronger.

A time to be with your family and friends and enjoy the simple things in life.  With the looming concerns about the Fiscal Cliff and peoples livelihood being threatened, it is tough to see beyond bleak outcomes.  This is the time where the things you can't buy become more precious, at least it does for me.  Having my family and friends safe and healthy is more precious to me than any piece of jewelry or electronic.  Having that connection and nurturing those bonds can help you even in your most dire of times.  Those bonds are stronger and more valuable than any coin made.

My hope for you is that this year brings you all that you strive to achieve and provides all the comfort you need to be successful.  Most importantly, I believe that you can do it and that you can take those baby steps, that you can look upon yourself more favorably, that you can open your heart to all the possibilities and that you embrace your family, friends and the simple joys in life.  In short, I wish you all peace, love and a very Happy New Year.

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