Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good to your "self" - Week Four: Empower

It's Wednesday already and that means its the final installment of my body series Be Good to Your "Self" project. It's been a humbling and eye opening experience for me and I hope you all have had a chance to think about and look at yourself in more positive ways.

Today's final topic is not actually about a body feature at all. It's about your personality, another part of your self that people see that isn't physical but can be torn down by others just as easily. Our personalities come through with everything that we do. How we treat people, how we dress, what type of career path we take, and so on. What we are confident in and how we carry ourselves gets projected in the physical sense all the time. Our personality takes on a physical persona and people view that as a physical part of our "self".

I have no lengthy description or "for instance" for this, I'm just going to get to the point. The final word in the series is Empower and I want you all to talk about your best personality trait, something that you are most proud of and feel that brings either joy to you or others. Maybe it helps others to service in some way, whether it be mentally, spiritually or even physically. How does it empower you or others that benefit from it?

My personality trait that I think is my best is my ability to listen and read people. My grandmother had this saying that she used to tell me and I never really understood it until I was older and realized how wise and true it was, "The best way to learn is to open your ears and close your mouth." You will never learn anything if you are constantly running your mouth and not listening to those around you. Now she could have been saying that because I was a kid that would talk incessantly about nothing and this was a way to shut me up, or if there was something really behind it. Regardless, that is how I spent most of my young life, I was the quiet one that would listen to all the others talk, about things, about nonsense, but mostly just talk for the sake of talking. I would talk when I really had something to say, but lets face it, I was also a teenager at some point and I talked for the sake of talking even.

Then as I grew older, I realized that I learned more about the world and people around me the more I listened to it and them. I enjoyed being a part of conversations and soaking in all the information that people would give. I became a sponge and in turn, I was able to regurgitate the information when I needed. I soaked up other peoples knowledge not by living or studying it, but by listening. 

It also opened me up to being able to read peoples non-verbal cues. How they acted, reacted and treated others depending on the situations they were in. It was fascinating! I became so intrigued with it that it is something I do almost unknowingly now, I can get quick reads on people and know how to handle them (for the most part) in most situations. I swear, I should have gone into psychological studies and became a therapist, I think I would be damn good at it. Oh well.

So now I want to hear from you, tell me what your best personality trait is! It can be bringing levity to situations by being a jokester, it could be that you are the bleeding heart type and people can count on you for their emotional needs. Anything! I want to hear it!

I also wanted to thank you for following along with me on this little series. There are so many things that we see, read and hear each day that can bring you down that it was nice to work on something that could hopefully bring your spirit up. Don't let this be the end of your self kindness. Continue to engage, enjoy and embrace all the gifts and flaws that you have. Also please keep empowering yourself and others with your wonderful unique personality traits. We all have so much to offer ourselves and each other, be the wonderful you that you are and be good to yourself.

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