Tuesday, July 8, 2014

End of Week 10 Dumbo Double Dare Training

Wait...what? End of Week 10? Have I been training all this time and not updating? 


But this is where the training schedule is for last week, I've just missed the previous 9 weeks due to misc issues and road blocks. So my training for this big race weekend is beginning now...right in the middle of the schedule. Oh yeah...here we go!

Considering how far behind I am in the training, I have augmented the prescribed miles to suit a different ramp up of miles for me.

For week 10 my training looked like this:

Tuesday: 30-45 minute run
Thursday: 30-45 minute run 
Saturday: 2 miles 4 miles (adjusted mileage for my training)
Sunday: 9.5 miles rest day planned

Okay, let's get to the nitty gritty, I only got out for two of the four runs this week. Yeah, lame, I know. Excuses, excuses, holiday weekend, blah blah blah. No excuse for shirking on my mileage considering how far behind I am already. ::huff and puff::

What happened last week is I got to start back with my training after a LONG time of not running at all. So as I wanted to try and get a decent amount of miles in, I didn't want to run myself into the ground on the first week out. So regardless of my excuses, I didn't want to overdo my effort.

I went for a run on Monday and it was...how can I put this, arduous. It was not pretty, but I wanted to take it slow. I walked for a good portion of it so that my hips could get familiar with the movement again and I could get back into the swing of things.

As you can see from my watch, this was a very slow couple of miles. But I got out there and did it. I was running and walking and getting my rhythm back by taking it slowly and easing back in.

The next day I was plagued by heel pain. Well that's new for sure because I've NEVER had heel pain in all the training I have ever done. So this perplexed me. It hung around for a good solid day and finally started to dissipate in time for my run on Wednesday.

My run on Wednesday was feeling good. Then...uh oh...there is that heel pain again...WHILE I'M RUNNING!! What the hell!?!? 

So I went from having a good run to walking most of the way, as you can see by my lackluster time for this run. Oh...and my facial expression!

I figured out that it was my shoes that was giving me my heel pain, I had used them WAY past their prime and I was doing more harm than good by using them. SO! On to a new pair for me! But this never culminated in any runs during the weekend. The 4th of July was on Friday and the kiddo and I just hung out at home all day on Saturday (see: did not leave the house at all) and then Sunday was full of family and festivities for my sister's birthday celebration. So...no running for me this weekend it seemed. But that is going to change with this coming weekend, I'm primed and ready to head out for some mileage!

So...this weeks training was a bit disappointing, but I can't be too upset considering I was working out some kinks (starting again and heel pain due to aged out shoes). That only gets me primed and ready to get back into running for this next training week.

Now it's your turn: How is your training going? Are you having issues? Nagging injuries or new issues?


  1. Love the facial expressions! I'm glad you figured out what the heel pain was from. That's my biggest annoyance- running and everything is great and then BAM! Pain out of no where. Then you have to stop and run super carefully while you try and figure out what it's from. :/

    My training has come to a halt. I suddenly got sick and since I'm already having a hard time breathing during normal activities, I figured running was not a good idea.

    1. That is the most annoying thing about running pains, trying to find the source. Granted, I started out with a new pair of shoes yesterday and I'm still having some residual heel pain, so I hope that goes away soon.
      Also, I'm sorry to hear about your training, I know it's really difficult to get motivated, then when you are plagued with being sick, that just makes it even worse. I hope you feel better soon!!