Tuesday, July 15, 2014

End of Week 11 Dumbo Double Dare Training

Oh boy, it's only Tuesday? I could have sworn today is Thursday, well at least that's how my body feels! I had the most horrible headache last night and it hit me hard all at once. I was actually sitting at the dining table crying because my head hurt so much. My poor baby was so quiet and just staring at me from his highchair because he knew I wasn't myself last night. Luckily I got decent sleep, so that helped to get rid of my headache and I'm feeling better today.

So now we talk about training! Woohoo!

This past weeks training according to the schedule looked like this:

Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 4 miles

However with my new training routine to get me ready for the race, this is what I had on MY schedule:

Tuesday: 30 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 5 miles

Alright, let's start with Tuesday! Have I mentioned it's hot in Seattle lately? Like upper 80's, yucky, hot! We don't have air conditioning in our homes in these parts, so these heat spells really take it out of us! That being said, I still got out for a run. Luckily there was a decent breeze where I ran that day. It was a good run, felt solid and like I was starting to get into a rhythm again. I had my new shoes on, because if you remember my last run I had complained of heel pain while and after I ran, so new shoes it was and they were feeling good! Got done with my 30 minutes, not bad, better mileage than last week, so I'm getting better.


Holy cow am I a sweaty beast!

So after my run I felt great! But as the day wore on, my heel started bothering me again. Maybe it's just that I'm running again and standing at work. Yeah...that's it. That wasn't it. By the time I got home that night my heel was SCREAMING at me. W. T. F. ::sigh:: So I spent time stretching it and using a golf ball on my heel to help stretch in out in hopes of it feeling better. It just needed time to not hurt I guess, because by Thursday my heel was fine again. ::scratching head::

Thursday came and...no run. Why? I was SLAMMED at work and I just couldn't get out for a run at lunch (which is my only time during the work week for me to get a run in). So no run on Thursday, but I had Friday off, sweet! I can take the kiddo with me in the stroller and knock out a couple of miles before it gets too hot. Awesome!

Friday morning, I got all ready to go. The stroller was ready, I was ready, fed and hydrated. All I needed to do was grab the kiddo and head out the door.

Then the meltdown happened. 

Much consoling, a bottle and a two and a half hour (!?!) nap time followed, which completely thwarted my attempt to get my run done before the heat became too much to take the kiddo out for that long. This is how far I got in my preparation.

Yep, I was pretty close, but the pumpkin needed attention and that's more important than logging those miles. So I hung out with the kiddo for the rest of the (HOT!!!) day and chalked the run as a loss for the day. I told the hubs when he came home that night that I needed to get out for my long run the next morning, he agreed, reluctantly (it was his first Saturday off in 3 years! I think he was looking forward to sleeping in, don't worry, he more than made up for it the next morning! Love you honey!).

Saturday, I was not going to let anything stop me from the miles, even waking up too late. Ugh...I woke up just before 9am (thanks Pumpkin for letting us sleep late!) By the time I got dressed, ate something, took care of the baby and handed him off to the hubby, it was just before 10am...and it was HOT!!! But I got out there. I logged my 5 miles, got chased by an angry bee for about a 1/4 mile (hey, you were the one that ran into me, jerk!), walked a bit more than I wanted to, but I got it done.

Then just like clockwork, my heel started to hurt later that day. I seriously am at a loss for why I am NOW having this pain! I've never had foot pain EVER in all my training and now, now I have it? Ugh...such bad timing!!! I'm wondering if it has something to do with my pregnancy. You know how during the latter half of the pregnancy you have hormones that relax the tendons and ligaments and doctors warn you not to do anything too strenuous because of how flexible and flimsy they get. Well, when the pregnancy is over and the hormones aren't there anymore and those tendons and ligaments tighten up again, could it be that my achilles didn't tighten back into the right place? Because that is where my pain is. 

I guess we will see, I have an appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow to see if they can locate the source of my pain so that I can get it healed and back to training. I swear, I have seen more doctors POST baby about aches and pains with my body than I ever did DURING the pregnancy. Sheesh. I'm also going to ask them about core workouts. I have realized, sadly, that my core is just so weak now after baby. I mean, I knew that with the stretching of those muscles that it would take a while to get that area "back to normal", but my muscles are just so weak that they are pulling on the ligaments and tendons and bones throwing me out of alignment VERY easily. Like it or not, I've got to get working on toning these muscles more than I had done before, because I'm working with a completely new set apparently. Some soft and sagging ones at that. 

Yeah...I said it, sagging, soft muscles. Yours would be like that too after carrying a basketball for all those months!

So not a stellar week of training, but I got the miles in when I could and felt accomplished.

Now it's your turn! How is your training going? Ever have injuries pop up out of no where on you? How did you deal with them?


  1. Training this week has been non-existent due to being sick. :( I'm trying to get in some cross training, but it doesn't always happen. I went over 3 years running without any injuries and then suddenly I started to get hip pain. Happened out of no where, but I'm able to manage it with stretching/foam rolling. I can definitely see how running is different post-baby. I hope your foot gets with the program and stops hurting. ;)

    1. Kim I'm so sorry to hear that you're still ill! Training while you're sick is so tough, congrats for getting in cross training when possible!
      What is with hip pain and running? I swear! Though my hip issues started before I started running, but it definitely gets aggravated by it when I train a lot. I'm curious to see how it handles marathon training. Ugh! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Girl, my heel has been bothering me too!! I can't seem to figure out why it hurts, but it does :( Let me know what your PT says and maybe I can do the same for my foot. Hope it feels better!

    1. Strange, right? Out of no where! I will let you know what my PT says, I hope it's nothing that can't be fixed soon! Hope your heel feels better soon too!