Thursday, October 24, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Oh Thursday we meet again, you evil temptress you! So close to the weekend but yet so far. This week has been an odd one for me. I was off on Monday so I've been at work for two days, but this week has felt like FOR-EVER!

This is also the start of a very busy couple of weeks for me. I've got a birthday party on Saturday, a Halloween pumpkin carving party on Sunday, then the whole week will be prepping for my sister's baby shower that I'm co-hosting next weekend. After that I'll be seeing a bit of daylight in my schedule just before the ramp up to the holidays and all the festivities that those days bring. Not to mention I still have to prep and clean the extra bedroom to make room for our lil pumpkins arrival in January! So much to do and the time is just starting to slip away!

Today's "jam" is a Throwback Jam. I've loved this song ever since I first heard it and it never fails to get me grooving everytime I hear it. This artist has been a mainstay in the industry for a number of years now and has been cemented as a fantastic musician and entertainer. He even made a judging appearance on last seasons The Voice.  So I present today's Throwback "Jam":

Usher has been good at pumping out hits and this one is one of my faves from him. I seriously start dancing, singing along and grooving in general whenever this song comes on. If I'm running when this song comes on I'm sure I look like a total goof because I'm singing along, and trying to dance a bit as I'm running. A hilarious sight to see, I'm sure. Take a listen and maybe this will make an appearance on your playlist, if anything, you can dance around the house to it. Have a great Thursday!

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