Thursday, October 10, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Wow. It's Thursday already? How did that happen? This week has been coo-coo-ca-choo crazy for me and all the days seem to be like a blur to me. Now I find myself at Thursday and realize that I have two birthday parties for small girls this weekend and I have NO idea what to get them. I'm thinking some cute clothes, but I have no clue what size they are. Is there a chart online that says if they are this age they would be this size in clothing? There probably is, I've gotta take a look.

Anyway. It's Thursday and I've been buried by work and appointments all week (see: house is a mess and all I want to do is sleep). Ugh. I'm also going running this weekend, FINALLY! It's been forever it seems since I've been running and I can't wait to get out there. I'm really curious how the preggo belly is going to handle running now, considering it has REALLY popped since the last time I went running. It's gonna be nice and easy and not too far, I'm just excited to get back out there and get some mileage under my belt.

So I've been feeling like my life is a bit out of control lately, like I don't have control over things that are happening to me and especially what is going on with my body. More on that later. I just feel like I am a spectator in my own life and not really running my life and that disconnect has really disturbed me. I need to take more control over things I can do and try to not sweat the stuff that is out of my control (growing a baby is hard and hard on your body, that's the secret they don't tell you in all those books!). So when I heard the lyrics of the "jam" today, I was thinking it would be a good one to post.

Today's "jam" is:

I've never been a huge fan of Katy Perry, her songs are catchy but get annoying pretty quickly. I swear if I hear "Firework" one more time...
Regardless of my general aloofness to her music, this one has a good message behind it. It's about empowering ourselves, using the voice we have to stand up for ourselves, and being that strong individual we all are inside. It's not necessarily gender based, though it can be thought of as a female anthem, but it really is for anyone who feels like they have something more inside them that they feel so strongly about. I love how versatile this song is and can be applied in whatever situation you are in. So take a listen, let me know what you think and enjoy your Thursday!!!

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  1. Roar is a new addition to my running playlist. I enjoy Katy Perry songs usually right when they come out, but they tend to get over played on the radio and then I lose interest.
    As for kids clothing- there's a general idea of age vs. size, but it can really vary. I always buy on the bigger side, that way they can grow into it.
    I hope your run this weekend went (or is going to go) well! :)