Thursday, October 17, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Wow these days are going quickly! I can't believe we are at Thursday already, wasn't it just Monday? I mean I'm not complaining, the weekend is almost here, but this weekend is also bat shit crazy busy! I guess it is the beginning of the holiday season where your weekends are no longer your own and you are crazy busy all the time. Lots to do and lots of people to see, tis the season, right?

It's also crazy at work too! Why is it that people leave all of their vacation time until the end of the year and then realize they need to use it or lose it, then there is a rash of people out all at the same time making it absolutely nuts at work because everyone is covering for everyone else? Or is that just me and where I work? I mean I have some days to burn, but damn people, learn how to dole your vacation days out over the whole year! You are stressing this pregnant woman out!!!

Well since today is Thursday, it is time to share another "jam"! This one is what I call a workhorse of my list. It is always in the mix, usually somewhere in the middle when I just need music to keep my pace going. I have featured this artist a few times and she will inevitably be on here again in the future.

Today's jam is:

This is a good song to have in the mix, it can kinda fade into the background and let you grind out the miles. It's a favorite of mine and is in the mix during my long runs for sure. Hope you all are having a great Thursday and enjoy!

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