Thursday, August 8, 2013

"The Jam" Thursday

Hello, hello all! I'm in a good mood this morning because I got my run in before work and when I do I seem to have a cheerier disposition in the morning. I'm gonna say it's because of the endorphins that I'm in a good mood and the fact that I shook off some stress.

I'm also in a good mood because I realized that in exactly three weeks from today I will be on a plane heading towards Anaheim to start my whirlwind, magical race weekend in Disneyland. I can't wait! 

Today however is Thursday and time for me to share another "jam" with you, the songs that get my legs pumping and my booty bumping. This performer needs no introduction, she does it all on her own. She's been making hits for years and sometimes you get one stuck in your head and can't get it this one. I'll find myself humming the chorus while I'm doing something and not even realize it. 

So without much ado, I present today's "jam":

Like I said, it's a catchy song and a good one to have during your run so that you can zone out and get lost in the music or let it help you zone out into your own thoughts.  Hope you will take a listen and let me know what you think. Have a great Thursday!


  1. That is a really fun song! I was able to bump my treadmill speed from 5.5 to 6 when I was watching the video. That gold outfit at the end is very similar to the new 'do B is now sporting.

    I cannot believe Dumbo is so close! Great job for getting in the early run today...cannot wait for my dreadful hour to be over!!!!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad it was an immediate help for your run! Get it girl! You're almost done!

      I can't believe Dumbo is so close either, I'm gonna miss not having you there! :(

    2. You *need* to come to 26.2 with Donna weekend! ;)

  2. Running before work has the same effect on me! If I know I have a particularly long or stressful day ahead of me, I try to get in a quick run. Can't believe you'll be in Disneyland in 3 weeks! :)